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September 28, 2006



Beautiful! The images you created with your words are so strong and true. I love this piece of your art. I think it is a wonderful idea to have this in your art journal on the opposite page of these words. (sometimes if I write a blog post that I like I print my words out and just paste them in my journal) What an excellent idea to do this every month. I have a "movement" journal I only write in once at the beginning of the month to check in with myself.
So glad you decided to share :)


Aloha tinker, feel free to use anything from my blog, but.. IF I ever meet you, you're buying the first coffee and some yummie food from this post :P

Peace n hugs, Kai.


oh my ! this is absolutely beautiful - both the writing & the collage! I am going to go and savour it slowly once more.
I like the idea of an end of the month collage/writing too!
I wish I could collage like this! it is stunning -


Thanks, Melba - you and your journaling/mixed media memoirs are an inspiration, as always.

Kai - You're something of an inspiration yourself. Thanks - I can't wait to try your 'ingredients' idea out! (and of course, the coffee's on me!)

Thank you, Miss Robyn - I love your artwork, too!


Hi..I was sent here by miss*robyn, and it was worth the trip!
Your words paint a thousand pictures in my mind, all of them comforting and reassuring,this is the world as it should be.I am inspired to start a journal, to record impressions and hopes and dreams.Things don't remain the same, we must capture and save the moment.To quote John Dryden..'tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today'.Thank you..great post.


You constantly amaze me with your ability to color with words. A moment in time it's as though I am "reading" a painting. The strokes carefully thought out that sweep across the canvas in a soft edged phrase. The mixture of colorful words is a descriptive melding of hues. A visual feast for the season!


Once again your words and art have sent my heart soaring. This is really one of my all time favorite posts... not quite a poem/not quite a memoir...excellent!


Sheila, I agree with you about the need to capture the moment and like that quote. Thanks for the kind comment and for stopping by - come by anytime, the door's always open!

Lisa (OceanDreamer), You're so very sweet! I'm blushing. You know I love YOUR writing! xo

Gemma - I'm so glad you liked this one; I was actually a little nervous about putting it out here, because I really invested a lot of time and emotion in it. I feel kinda shy & awkward when I post stuff from my journals (I thought I got over that during the Artist's Way, but apparently it's one of those things I'll have to get over - over and over again! lol).
Thanks for making me feel not so awkward with all your sweet, kind comments!


I like the words at the bottom and I actually gasped when I saw this piece. It's stunning; truly stunning.


The artwork is stunning and is so me! All the things I love Plus the body I've always wanted. LOL

Your writing was flipping AMAZING because you captured images only in our minds like the way sheets feel different. You have taken me on a cosy, warm journey. I'd give almost anything to write like you! BIG HUGS!


Thanks, Lisa and Tammy! These comments have made my day - I'll be on cloud 9 today. (and actually, that's the body I always wanted, too, lol - hurray for artistic license, :)

Paris Parfait

Beautiful, Terri! A wonderful ode to the fabulous month of September. Very poetic and evocative of the myriad joys of the month. And your collage is fantastic! xo


As ever, a delightful piece.
Words flow from you Tinker, and light up the world. It is high time you were published!!!


Oh, thank you Tara! I'm so glad you stopped by! xox

Ray! thank you - you've made me turn all red...that is so sweet of you to say! ((hugs))
Same back at you, btw!


I thought I was in a wonderland while I was reading. You have a way with words. Just lovely.

Take care,


This is beyond fabulous, Tinker. Both words and collage are masterpieces.

Thank you for your generous comments on my blog today. I'm serious (as a bad hair day) when I tell you those words mean SO much to me, coming from you.

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