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September 22, 2006



I've heard a number of people complain about scanners not picking up glitter or powders. She's still beautiful! What a lucky recipient.

What happened to Project Runway this week? I was all set to watch it and it was a rerun.

Good list.


Isn't she lovely, scanned or not, glitter showing or not!
Harriet just may have your camera and at this very moment could possibly being doing a blog of her own....hmmm. I hope she reads YOURS and thinks "oops, better get back!"
I am a Project Runway FAN...and was very disappointed it was last weeks show this week! I have to say I favor Laura, I think she's classy and to pursue this w/5 kids and 1 on the way - BRAVO! I will miss Kane, he was fun if nothing else!

 Pam Aries

You are making me giggle! You Can certainly write a Humorous novel!....Project Runway is a fave of mine too! I like Michael!


I am blushing so red right now! I have a confession...I'm like the 10-yr old that makes a joke about sex when she has no idea what she's talking about...I only know Project Runway is about fashion from what I've read. I don't have cable (ok, really blushing now). Since we get pretty good reception on the major channels, that's one area we've figured we could save money by not having it. But reading about shows like Project Runway has me lobbying to get it again (a snowball's chance right now). I would watch it if I could...Harriet would have, too (and Cleo - she's a fashion maven).
I hope you guys forgive me for being such a dork!


Oh I love her.


Well Tinker, I have cable (basic only, no HBO, MTV, etc.) 'cuz it's cheaper, but guess what. I also have DIALUP!!! Grrrrr. It's cheaper too! So I know where you come from. And it's slow, and I miss a lot becuz something that everyone else can d/l in 2 minutes takes me 14, so I don't! I am loving your beautiful mermaid. I could tell she was glittered and I don't see a scar on her face. I think we all look like that under water. Geesh, I was kinda partial to the bald guys! Do you think maybe Harriett was in heat? I mean, even if she was spayed, she still might wanna, um, well you know, she might get a hankerin' now and then.

Paris Parfait

She's a lovely lady, especially with her flaws - just gives her character and makes her more interesting. Your list is clever and cute (except for the sadly missing Harriet - but I bet she's run off with a beau - and might be considering Project Runway to fend off any competition. And I thought the bald guys were cute. And your book will come together; no need for darts quite yet. :)


Love your art. You are a riot...at least you got your dried up pens thrown out. I still have mine...mmmm...tomorrow.
Hope your Project run away comes home soon. So sorry.


Think about how many people are going to enjoy seeing that mermaid as she travels through the mail!! Very cool.


Oh, lists! I need to start a list of all the lists I'm supposed to be obeying and am in fact ignoring.

Decorating envelopes really appeals to me somehow. I'd rather it were called 'personal mail' than 'snail mail'. Handwriting on paper (in a decorated envelope!) just feels more intimate. From your hand to theirs...

I rather like the colouring in this image, unfaithful though it may be. (I was going to compliment you on the nice clamshells, but thought that might come across as rather, um, masculine of me - the detail is nice though).

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