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September 19, 2006



gawd - the way I am feeling - I could talk like a parrot and make more sense than I have been lately.
thanks so much for the comment on my blog - it means alot to know there are other women out there who know how I feel and want to walk this journey with me xoxo


I cannot believe I missed Talk Like a Parrot Day!! Arrgggghhhh. oops! Pirate. Now ya got me doing it. lol On the other hand, maybe it's better my whole family didn't know.

I've watched wipe swap a couple of times when it first came on. The only thing I go out of my way to watch is Project Runway. I'm not sure what the real attraction of that show is but there definitely is one.


Does cursing like a sailor count???


Arrrrg matey
Missed it too.
maybe some pirate talk will roll over into today.

Daisy Lupin

Argh me hearties, lets go search for some pieces of eight, shiver me timbers. Hope Harriet turns up soon.xx


Saw the swap but switched the channel. I did watch the program about Dog tho. My favorite action hero, and his son, and his brother!!! Guess they should not have gone bounty hunting in Mexico, but it was worth it to put that scoundrel rapist in jail where he belongs. UGODOG!! Mexico should worry more about making their country better so their own people will want to stay there, instead of hiding rapists.

No sign of Harriet yet?

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