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September 04, 2006



"Hanging in there through this" was definitely no difficulty. You really hooked me with the characters and set-up. An intriguing and compelling set of circumstances!


My fortune cookie says "Tink's damn book will be a damn best seller." I didn't want this story to end. If it were a book, it would be an all-nighter. :)

Paris Parfait

I love this story! Very entertaining and intriguing. Really well done! And write the damn book, already! :) xo


Good story Tink, you're a born story teller. Loved it!


Thats a great story...
So happy that you and Ray are writing your books....Alot of us out here support you!!


Wow! Where to start? The story was so fun -- it didn't feel long at all because I was so into it. I was REALLY curious to see what would happen! (I was rooting for a happy ending, and there sort of was, but not a romantic ending, which is fine, too. I'm always a fan of the unorthodox ending and not giving the reader exaclty what they want. Well, sometimes it IS very satisfying to give the readers what they want! And, the Write the Damn Book group!!!!!! That's awesome! I'm so glad we could trasmit the inspiration from Jane Yolen to you. I'm finally getting back to work on my novel which has been on hold for part of the summer while I did rewrites on the last one and finished some other stuff. So, I'll be writing the damn book along with you. Let me know how you plan to move forward with the group -- I'd love to peek in!

Daisy Lupin

Oh that was such a fun story you could really visualise how it all was. Your idea for 'just write the damn book' sounds good, I am interested but don't think just at the moment have the time to commit to a full length book, although I have an idea for one from one of my sunday scribblings.


What an amazing story - the 'chick was enthralled to the end.

Good luck with your Damn Book!


my fingers flew too fast & sent this before I had finished my info


Technical difficulties. This is what I wanted to say: I totally loved your story! You hooked me from the beginning and held me to the end :-)Don't you just love when your story flows. Way to go. Good luck with the book.

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