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September 06, 2006



THat is so sweeeeet! She is a doll! What more can I say?


I love that picture! She's adorable :) I'd never seen a child born until my grandson. I must have closed my eyes on my own :)


She is absolutely gorgeous. I have seen out of seven grandchildren six of them enter this world. Those births were the most amazing things I have ever seen. For one I had to drive 4 hours in the middle of the night for it to be a false alarm. But I was there for his birth one week later. The only one I did not see born was my first grandson. I was also there when our Angel Hunter left this world 4 days later. I was not there when our Ty left this world. For that I think I am glad.

Cookie of the Desert

She is beautiful, of course, but what in the world is she holding in that baby picture?

Cookie of the Desert

Ok, just saw the close-up! No further questions.


A baby spoon (upside down!)

Of course she's beautiful (as you well know, my cookie :)


Awww Happy Birthday Serenity!


beautiful,beautiful child! I was never able to experience that kind of joy nor have I witnessed a birth....but still marvel at the beauty of it....for it truly is a miracle!!

Paris Parfait

Gorgeous photos of a beautiful little girl! And your post is a wonderful tribute to her. Such a blessing to have been present for her birth and to watch her grow up. xo


She's Precious!!!Witnessing birth is so spiritual and creates an immediate bond.xo


She is a beauty, and so is her NAME! I love it. I have never heard it as a name before. (It's not a nick name, right?)

I almost named our daughter Haven, but with our last name, everyone thought it sounded like a stripper! LOL.



Amber, yes, Serenity really IS her name - though she has some lovely nicknames, too - Renna Bella being one of our favorites. I really like the name Haven, btw, I don't think I've heard that one before, but it sounds lovely.
Thank you for all the sweet comments, everyone! You really made my day a lot brighter xox


What an extraordinary gift for you, your children, and grandchildren to be present for such a milestone, and sadly, how all too rare that is nowadays. When I hear stories like this I am wistful as I ever only knew one of my grandparents. The others had all passed away before I was born. And could your grandchildren be any sweeter looking???? Reminds me of the quote, "Babies are a wonderful way to start people!"

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