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September 10, 2006



Wow. It's tough to write about what you wouldn't write about. You did a great job.


Nicely done....pink slips, suicide notes, etc....my personal favorite was the murder confession!!! I would never write that...hey, if you did it, I hear that you NEVER confess!!! Wait...didn't my post say something about not lying and never saying never?

Great stuff


What an interesting topic for writing! You did quite well, my dear. I wish I were a better writer. I am not eloquent at all and I use the same old tired words. I do have a thesaurus at my side,...hmmm ..I need to start using it! Hey..Are you going to join any of our swaps?


I have a deep fondness for manifestos (especially this one: http://www.brucemaudesign.com/manifesto.html).
If you ever did write one, I have a feeling it would be pretty wonderful. I love your pink typewriter, too.


Whoops. That link came out wrong. Here it is:



I seriously COVET your pink typewriter!! I bid on several on EBAy and the sucker went for,like $200.00 bucks...

Great post!


This is at once the silliest and most sensible of the posts for this prompt that I've read.



Thanks, everyone for your kind words on the things I'm not writing!
Though the photo of the pink typewriter is my own - alas, the typewriter itself is not mine. I took the photo of it at a restaurant that follows the "artifacts as ambiance" school of decorating.
Jill - I enjoy reading a good manifesto, too. If I could write as eloquently and had as original thoughts as Bruce Mau, I would consider it. Even without having those, I may re-consider it. But I think the first thing I would list, is NEVER say NEVER (lol). And Pam, I have enjoyed reading everything I've seen you write. Especially your comments on Violette's board. Eloquence schmeloquence! You've got Life in your writing.
Scott - although I was implying that I would not need to write a confession, since I wouldn't do the deed - well, I suppose it's just as possible, that I wouldn't write one, if I had done it! (you'll never know for sure - mwah-ha-ha!)
Pacian - I take that as a high compliment indeed - I think ;-)
OK, I'm going back to not writing for awhile now!


We think somewhat alike. I almost wrote a ransom note. Instead, I got around the prompt by writing a letter of a certain sort.

Yeah, and if you are never going to write graphically violent scenes, then you are never going to do it, and there is certainly no need to.

Chelle Y.

That was really great! I found myself smiling at some of the things you would "never write." Me, too!

Paris Parfait

Yep, I think you've about covered the list of what not to write! Brilliant post. And the pink typewriter is delicious!xo


That's a hilarious story - about the frog-napping ;)

When I was a little girl they used to make us do this thing in school sometimes - we would have to cut words and letters out of magazines and paste them onto pages as some sort of art/language project (I forget the real purpose). But my mom always thought it was the strangest thing that they were, basically, teaching us ransom note construction techniques. :)


Interesting take - the 'chick is in agreement with you on things to NEVER write. You came up with a lot of things that never crossed the 'chick's mind.

Thanks for stopping by the Roadtrip!


you came up with a great list of things you wouldn't write. I think you took the challange and did an excellent job.


Thanks, Tara, LuLu, Lisa, Roadchick - everyone - for encouraging me in Not Writing ;)

Lulubunny (I love your name, btw), your comment about being trained in ransom note construction at an early age had me rolling :D
They didn't offer that subject when I was in school - I'm self-taught;
I'm sure your ransom notes are much more professional!


What? Lulu got to learn to write ransom notes in school??? That is SO unfair!!!!

I'll have to think about what to write for the SS prompt...


i had to write my own eulogy once for an exercise as part of a course i was doing. it was an interesting experience, especially as i had to read it to the rest of the group - yikes! i don't think i want to do another one!

and, i'm happy the frog wasn't hurt :)

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