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October 22, 2006



GOOD grief, Tinker, you keep posting pictures of all that GOOD stuff, Candy Corn, Lollipops, M & M's, and all that stuff that is not GOOD for you and I am trying not to eat that stuff and lose a couple of these pounds so you post those GOODY yum pictures and I start to drool all over my shirt and that isn't GOOD at all so now I have to go change out of my GOOD Sunday clothes and put on something that is droolworthy. Oh pleeeeese stop making me BAD!!!


Tinker, Your list is really good... except for the minature TP...(No good)Especially like Chocolate,all the flowers, world music, Barbara Kingsolver and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. :-)


This post cracked me up. And I'd never really thought about it, but we do sprinkle our casual conversations with a lot of "good's," don't we? :)


Love this post. Lots and Lots of Good Things in it.


Wow. Pretty comprehensive I should imagine. But there's probably loads that you've left out as well. Funny how we can accrue so many personal 'good' things of a lifetime isn't it?


Being in a foreign country where one of the only words I understand is "good", I have been noticing just how much I hear it! But anyway, this is an awfully good list, made me smile!


Goodness! I enjoyed the heck out of this. :)

Paris Parfait

Delicious list - I'm with you especially vis a vis Fiesta ware (I have a big collection), dark chocolate and Isabel Allende (I have all her books, including her latest - in Spanish - yes I know, being a little ambitious here - I remember those same television commercials/slogans and your candy photograph is adorable! Yummy post. xo


Hi Tink, I missed my daily dose of you out in the mountains :) I was raised on massive doses of tv. Loved your great list and the ocd :)


Good golly miss mooly, thats a good amount of candy you've artistically placed..lol..
What a neat post Tink!!
Peace, Kai.


Such a good list! I love it that you were a little OCD in alphabetizing it! Good job!

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