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October 29, 2006



Hope this wasn't too long - I didn't realize till I'd finished how long it was!

I've been trying and trying to put my link on the Sunday Scribblings post, but Blogger is experiencing technical difficulties - sigh. I give up for tonight. I'm just going to go to bed!

Pam Aries

What a great faerie tale! I love to read your stories! Heck..I like to read anything you write! THank you for entertaining us all!




So sweet! And do you plan to read it to her today?? :)


I loved the dreamlike child's-eye viewpoint of this story. I also loved the idea of the myth of the tooth fairy as a means of collecting teeth for dentures...


Such a great story! I am so impressed with your writing! And, have I got a deal for you! How interested are you in boxes with LOTS of little drawers???


Pam and Kamsin - Thank you!
Marilyn - Thanks - and I'm going to let her mom read it first, just to make sure it's all ok!
Pacian - What do you mean - Myth?!? @_@
Bonnie - Thanks and gosh, am I ever intrigued by your offer!
Tell me more of these boxes with little drawers...


Fun story Tink! You do have a thing with wands. LOL


Sometimes it is difficult for me to read long posts because I get interrupted by my little ones. But everyone was playing on their own so I was able to really enjoy your story. I loved all the details and felt like I was part of your magic.

thank you!

Paris Parfait

What a brilliant imagination you have, Terri! Wonderful story - you held my attention to the end. Well done! xo


Great!!! As always and I read it all as you always hold my attention until the end.


Really good story....So what were her parents doing when they weren't dancing and eating cupcakes?


Melba - Thanks! I'm glad you were able to read it all the way through.
Tara - Thank you! xo
Ninnie - You're too sweet! I'm glad you liked it.
Gemma - Thanks - they were leading boring old adult lives, poor things. When you were a kid, didn't you think it would be so exciting to be a grown-up?
And then once we get to be, we complain about the things we thought we'd love - like staying up all night, all the calories in cupcakes, and don't do nearly as much of the playing, dancing and singing we thought we would ; sigh...
Thanks for all the kind comments - though I have to say the best of all, was the Gentle Reader who told me in person, "Grandmerry, this should be a storybook - The True Story of the Tooth Fairy!"
My heart overflows tonight...


I loved this, just loved it. Thank you, Tinker, for the magic of that special fairy, and that special little girl.

PS.... you signed up for NaNoWriMo? Can we be buddies? I'm there under GreenishLady. You definitely have books in you!


I knew I'd dropped my wand somewhere around here... ;-)
but its come out far more sparkly through your eyes!


I was finally able to sit down with my coffee this morning and read your whole story. I loved it Tinker, I loved it and the entire time I was reading it I was imagining the illustrations. YOu do have the gift my friend!


This was my first visit and I was transported to Fairyland. I can't wait to come back, and see where my next visit takes me. A magical story, and lucky the child it was written for.


Imelda - I'd love to have you as a writing buddy! My author page is tinkerart - all one word. I'll have to look at how to add a buddy on the page - if you have any tips on that, please pass them on!

Caroline - so that was Your Wand left lying around? It's in the Lost and Found Box - Items left over 30 days become the property of the blog, you know. :-)

Lisa - I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for always having a kind word for me, and making my day!


OMW! Tinker! You should get this PUBLISHED!!!!! I was on the edge of my seat and I'm a grown-up!!!! (well, at least according to age. According to height some might disagree lol)

That was an awesome story! And I was cracking up when I read this:

"The woman must collect them for some reason. Maybe that's how they made dentures."


Mark Vane

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