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October 08, 2006



OMG that was GOOD!!! I read every single word. I have to admit that sometimes when I read Sunday Scribblings I just skim them (I mean EVERYONES}. This held my attention even more than Madame Sylvia's escapades. Your sketch is wonderful and gives the reader an even more realistic impression of the man, one that goes right along with the observation. I know the book you are writing will be a success because, girl, you can really move those words out of your pen. Excellent!!!!!

I was just reading yesterday about the scientists that have made another breakthrough and moved molecules a much further distance than they have previously done. Now here among us is a true time traveller! Beam me up Scotty!


I'm thinking there may be a fine line between stalking and observing someone! Great piece anyway!


I soooo enjoyed reading this. i got really into it too!
I believe (I think) in time travel. and you have me thinking now about that one book!

I am not much into celebrity gossip or a big "fan " of anything or anyone famous. (ok, maybe Oprah. I do love her!)
About 5 years ago my sister, my mom, and I saw Jesus Christ SuperStar on Mother's Day in an off broadway production in Manhattan. We had front row seats. It was AMAZING! Judas was so incredible. We waited for him outside after the show (so unlike me!), but then we were too chicken to say anything so we just followed him a bit. The way home on the train I kept thinking about his life...his apartment...his dishes. It is odd to let your self get into a strangers life.

Your story brought me that memory.

Thank you for you comment on my blog today. You brought me big smiles! :)


Don't worry Kamsin, this is fictionalized! No actual stalking was involved! He did see me looking at him, though, which was a little disconcerting to us both :)
Thanks for the kind comment.

Judie - yeah, I want one of those teleportation stations!
Thanks for reading every word - sometimes I just make up the ones in between you know :) Seriously, thanks for the sweet words!

Melba - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had fun imagining this scenario. I'd be too shy I think to actually follow someone around like the narrator in the story - though I was trying to sneak a peek at him as he went by and he saw! I'm sure I blushed bright red, too.
I love the music in JC Superstar! I'm glad it's still being put on out there. When I was a teen, I about wore out the soundtrack album (on vinyl! yikes that was a long time ago!)


Might this character appear in your current work in progress, or the next one, or the one after that? I see novels appearing, Tinker novels!!


I don't know that he'll be making an appearance in this one - though I'm learning to not rule anything completely out with this writing process of mine. Though I think I would someday like to pursue his story a little further!
Thanks, Ray!

Paris Parfait

Wow! Talk about an eye for detail! You´ve got it in spades. Excellent piece. xo


Your imagination could get you into trouble!

I love the way you went from a perfectly innocent but well-observed encounter to this.


You made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Too cool for words!


Very interesting character...Wonder where a
6'6 guy got pants that were too big.


Excellent job... a masterpiece.


I loved your conclusion - it certainly seems to fit your observations

Daisy Lupin

I loved this it was just so mysterious, was he a time traveller or an alien or what? At times it felt quite chilling. I could see it all happening in my mind as I went along reading it.


Fascinating! Not just an observation, but a real story.


Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments - you've definitely made my day!


THIS WAS SO GOOD. I really forgot it was fictionalized about halfway through and was like WHOA! GO TINKER! Chase him down! Of course I've been watching far too much SVU so at the beginning I was thinking, be careful, he's a bad guy!

Great job, Tink! :)


That was an amazing story. I loved it.


What a good writer you are. I loved the story you wrote. Keep it up.


I waited until this morning to read this because I wanted to really read it. I'm so glad I did. What a way to start my morning...a cup of coffee and this wonderful, compelling story. It takes a lot to get me "sucked in" but your stories do every time.

oh and the book he was looking for? That damn book, of course...that's why we're all waiting for you to write it!! :)


The thing about writing is that you bring the reader on a journey with you. That in the telling of the story, in the description of its characters and the painted scenery with words....the reader can actually see and experience what is unfolding. You have ALL of that and more when you write...and I could see it all as I read this piece. Of course now I will always wonder - what WAS the book he was seeking (or has it even been written yet?) and how did he travel? YOU are GOOD!


This is the best SS this week IMHO. Need to read more to find out what kind of book you're writing and when I can get in line to buy a copy.

Blessings to you, Tinker.


your attention to details are astounding and show in your work.. I adore your art..lol
Peace, Kai

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