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October 02, 2006



you are funny! I hate that Christmas decorations are in the shops already as well as mince pies! and then after Christmas around Jan 2, you can buy easter eggs! why do they bother putting it all away, why not just leave it out all year round. I try to ignore it till Dec. 1st. but be careful, when you go to sleep tonight, you will wake up and it will be Christmas eve - that is what it seems like anyhow.
Hope you have a wonderful week xo
oh, and it was my pleasure to put you on my blog - I adore that collage :)


oh the overlapping of seasons in the stores...actually the quick time movement is something I planned to write about on my blog today too.
I couldn't agree more also about the need for containers to hold all our supplies, those are cute. With ASA (yes that was me) the supplies out number the places to house them...it's a vicious cycle I am happy to whirl about in as I know you are!!
Keep writing that book!!!! Now how many miles is it between us? 300? 400? hmmm


Tim actually came to see what was making me laugh so hard. It was you!! lol Loved this post.


This morning I went to Walgreens and the Halloween stuff was on the end caps and the Christmas stuff was up and down the aisles. Geesh! I left the store, I just couldn't handle it.

Where are you getting your word count? Are you typing your WTDB in Word? Golly gee I am using a pen and paper. What's wrong with me. Well, it's just that I have to sprawl across the bed and close the door and get away from the bird and the dog that fight for my attention. DH wouldn't like it if I put the computer in bed with us. Well...it IS a thought...hmmmmmm


I'm so very proud of you :) Woot woot!

Is it Easter yet? What's up with Chrismas in September?

Give my regards to St. Michaels :) Cute holders!



Oh my now I will have to keep buying the things. So when they stop maybe I can open a journal store and get rich. Do ya think it will work. By the way I love all Mary Engelbreight stuff. Tysdragonfly is like I know you don't like that stuff. YES I do.

Daisy Lupin

Wow that was an absolutely amazing ramble off a post, true stream of consciousness! Yes I went into poundland [a discount store] and there were halloween masks opposite christmas cards and the first tinsel I have seen this year. Easter eggs anyone? YOu are also right I think time is speeding up one day it is Monday and the next it seems to be Friday again. I think we will all have to concentrate hard and try to slow down time so we get more things done.


So THAT's what it was...

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