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October 15, 2006



you are a feast for the eyes and the senses and the imagination dear Tinker! I couldn't agree more with the pole answers but more importantly I agree about healing powers....and not only for physical healing but mental healing as well. wouldn't that be fantastic? the power to make another well and cheat death as well as make them mentally happy and peaceful?
you make me happy!


Haha, I loved your take on the mindreading! Personally, I wouldn't want to know either, because then anytime someone thought some petty little thing about me, I'd have to hate them...


How clever and absolutely Tinker-ish to think of healing as a super power. Perfect!

Love the image of the People mag smuggling itself into the house. And the mermaids. Oh, your fabulous mermaids.

Camera phone or not, these are lovely.

Agent Maxwell Smart, out!


Touch me with that healing stick already, would ya! I loved the coming back in time to Nov. Oprah. LOL You slay me!

I don't think I'd want to live forever so hit me lightly :)xxoo


Ha ha! You're right -- cheating death gets the LOWEST? What's wrong with people? That poll must have related to the TV show Heroes, because those are powers the different characters have. And as much as I'd like to fly, how could you pass up the cheating death? And reading minds? I would really NOT want that!! (And the mermaid tin is adorable!)

Pam Aries

Guess who? go ahead...guess! read my mind...hee hee! My computer is fixed! I cannot imagine how awful it would be to read peoples minds!!! do they really want to know what other people are thinking??/ I think NOT! Love ya and more later when I finish catching up!


OH Thankyou... it's lovely..
did I mention, i love it? oh and you're in trouble..well your mailnbox is.. lol..
peace, kai.


Thanks for the great laugh today! I really enjoy reading your blog!!! I am not so sure about healing powers. EVERYONE would be pounding on your door, and you would never get a moment to rest, read People magazine, think about mermaids and other wonderful things...
I REALLY enjoy your sense of humor!!!


The entire mind minutiae made me chuckle, so typically female, being burdened with all the must dos in life! However I do enjoy reading blogs which at times can be a window into the mind of others….I guess I stand alone on the mind reading thing. Not so sure I’d want to read an adults mind. A child’s mind ...yes! Very cute, enjoyable post!!!

Peace and giggles Sherrie


No WAY would I pick anything over cheating death. Well, maybe I would like to read minds, because it would be really fun to be such a know it all...But not over cheating death. Duh!
This was funny to read. Good take!



I find the idea of people wanting to read minds more than fly amazing... I'm not so sure about cheating death... I don't like to cheat!

Your ramble was wonderful by the way!


One woman's rambling is another space cat's interesting train of thought...

Re. Mind reading: I'd just like to remain ignorant of all the bad things I'm sure people are thinking about me. ¬_¬


I, for one, am grateful that I can't read minds. lol Who needs that? I have enough problems getting people to keep their thoughts to themselves as it is. hehe

This was such a fun post and the tin you sent Kai is sooooo Kai and so great. I bet she loves it.


Meant to ask..have you ever seen the movie Resurrection with Dana Delany. I think you'd like it. She has healing powers. Way cool.


I think the reason we don't want to cheat death is that we're scared of what it would be like to be 150 yrs old. And the reason we want to read minds is because we assume that they're full of a lot more interesting stuff than they probably are.

Enjoyed your words and images today!


Thanks everybody! I'm sorry the girl needs her computer a lot nowadays, so I'm pressed for time and trying to just run around to everybody else's blogs as fast as I can to read yours and leave comments there today - thank you for all your kind comments!
I'll see you over on your blogs :)


Great post!
You are the inkwell on my GPS collage....love your writing

Paris Parfait

I love your post! You are so clever and funny and smart, which screams out in your writing. Thank you! xo


Oh I do so like you to read your writings. That thing with the magazines. I just absolutely hate it.

Daisy Lupin

I can always count on you to make me laugh and cheer me up with your ramblings. I think I would have to add a coda to 'cheat death' and it would be 'with a decent quality of life', a subject that is much on my mind at the moment. I think checking up on our friends on the net is much like phoning a friend. We wouldn't really say 'I won't phone a friend for 24 hours' you just phone when you feel like it, and thats how I treat my web friends. Love the shrine for Kai.PS Your ramblings have just given me a wonderful idea check out my next posting on my site.

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