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October 05, 2006



Oh I love them both. Hope you are feeling better.


I hope your tummy is settled soon!You sure did get something creative done though, I feel like I am in a stall pattern, like a plane waiting to take off! Hopefully soon!

Daisy Lupin

I love the little tinkering you did, the mermaid looks pregnant. That starting me thinking about mermaids and birth hmmm, eggs or merbabies or merbabies as tiny babies in the middle of eggs. Like frog spawn. Now there's a subject to think about if we are feeling tired or lazy.


Ninnie, Lisa - Thanks for the kind comments. I'm feeling better now, though a little zonked - thanks!

Daisy, you're so funny!! She does look a little bloated - I think I was unconsciously processing how I felt that day in my artwork - it was a little bit like morning sickness, but thankfully shorter duration and not such momentous life changes after it's over, lol. There's something to be grateful to menopause for... :)


Did you make these for formica exchange? Very nice.
There are a few good things about mental pause (Ummm keeps you warm in the winter too maybe)??


Those are so pretty. I have GOT to get me some laminate samples.

I'm glad you're feeling better.


"Mermaids don't do housework!!!!"

Of course not, their homes were all destroyed by bottom trawlers years ago.


I have not been here in a couple of days and look at all the juicy eye-candy I have been missing! Where have you been hiding all your talent? These are awesome!


When you can find something positive about menopause, that's when you know you're CREATIVE!

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