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November 20, 2006



Love those boots - I wonder if I could fit them onto a butterfly????

Love your stream of consciousness and the idea of drying off from it too... you know I've always found that my metaphors get really stretched in the wash too.



and dear miss Tinker, I am thankful for you too! am I one of your birds of a feather? ooh I hope so & I hope our online friendship continues for many more years. Happy birthblogday xoxo


Happy Blogiversary! My 1-year Typepad anniversary skipped by me totally forgotten last Spring...as did my 3-year (total) blogiversary a couple of months ago. I guess after awhile, it starts to feel like we've just ALWAYS done this. :)


Congratulations and happy blog birthday!

Pam Aries

How clever of you, my Dear!..using all the cues! I am happy you started your blog!!!


Happy Blog-iversary! Im glad you waded in and managed to incorporate all the words and phrases into this piece. And I don't think it got muddy at all!

Love the boots, too!


Girl, your writing is amazing. I just don't know how you get all those thoughts streaming thru your lil' head. Just amazing!

Paris Parfait

Terri, your stream of consciousness is so incredibly clever! The art is great too. Congrats on your blog-a-versary and here's to many more! Your writing enriches us all! Merci bien, mon cher ami! xo


Happy blog anniversary, there must be something in the air, lots of unsettleness.


Happy Blogiversary. I love your stream of consciousness writing. You always manage to tickle me.


Beltaed happy birthday, Tinker's blog!


Belated happy birthday, Tinker's blog! I got you a present: this lovely comment.

Don't eat it all at once!

Cara Fletcher

When doing my blog I used the stream of consciousness writing technique which allows me to write whatever I want.

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