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November 19, 2006


Paris Parfait

Happy birthday to your wonderful daughter! Such a lovely tribute and fab photos. And it's the law that you have to eat birthday cake, so no guilt allowed. Good for her for her success in writing - sounds like she's off to a good start (must have some of her mom's writing talent). xo


I had to stop by and thank you for all your comments on my blog. This is such a sweet tribute to your daughter. I'm sure she will understand that moms just sometimes do these things. Mine cringe, too when I get all sentimental!


What beautiful pictures of your daughter when little - she looks full of fun and character too!

That cake sounds like it was wonderful.... mmm...

I expect your children are secretly very pleased that you are sentimental about them and their achievements - imagine what it would be like to have cold mother who didn't show anything?


I am glad you had a fun birthday party, the birthday girl sure looks happy!


"I know, 'cause I was there, right from the beginning *_*"

Wow! That's some coincidence! Or perhaps... it was fate...

Another coincidence: Your daughter's birthday is two days before mine.


Thanks, everyone for your sweet birthday wishes to my girl - no matter how old they get to be, they're still your little ones in your heart, you know...

And Happy Birthday to you, Pacian! Hope it's filled with everything you enjoy!


Such sweet pictures and a great birthday tribute. Nothin' better than having a proud mama.


Ohhhh I love baby pictures.


Happy Birthday to your daughter. And it's a mother's right to brag, so feel proud! :)


awwww I am always a sucker for the baby photos; happy (belated) birthday to your beautiful baby. They stay babies forever don't they?

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