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November 22, 2006



I love the little faces / animals hiding in the leaves.

Your weather sounds great - its been raining here a lot...

And its odd that you should mention the wish to sit at the grown-ups table I was getting annoyed all over again yesterday at having to sit at the too small & cramped children's table for Christmas dinner at Gran's when my Great Aunt Sadie was so much smaller than me - just lots older!

I might have ago at 10 random things... I've been putting off posting today...


Glad your kitty came home! My mom has lost some to coyotes lately, so now her cats are prisoners. And as for relish trays, I love those too, even though I hate olives. My grandmother used to make "dilly beans" as well as dill pickles and beets, and those are favorites. And crayons! God, how I loved a new box of crayons as a kid!

Paris Parfait

Your art is beautiful - and so is your big loving heart, Terri! So glad your cat returned to boast of his adventures. How much fun to spend lots of time with the grandgirls - and your dancing and drumming session sounds like fun. I'm sure they'll be thrilled with their joke books you made. And yes, thankful your family is safe and sound - we're all so lucky! Happy Thanksgiving, dear heart, to you and yours. xo


Oh I love this art piece. It is so fall. And love the 10 random more or less things. My mother-in-law does not have enough room at the grown up table for all the grown ups so it is like a race to see who out of her children and their spouses get to be at the children's table. I hope I win ths year. I did last year.


Love your work in progress. I am going to make my list now too.


i totally love this art, tinker!!! i love the fox and owl peeking out, two animals i'm really drawn to. happy thanksgiving!


I'm SUPER grateful for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

gerry rosser

Happy Thanksgiving.


Great list, Tinker! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. And I, too, love the relish trays...every year it's a battle to keep from filling up before dinner's even served. :)


Tink, I think I'll just post my 10 here:

1. Raf...who is always and has always taken care of me
2. Carolyn...who is here all the time for us
3. John and Joey who are so loving
4. The rest of the family...most of the time!
5. Friends here who nourish
6. My church and church family
7. My online pals...ESPECIALLY the Glitter Power Sisters
8. Prosperity
9. Our country
10. Thank you God for everything

Thanks, Tink, for giving me a place to say all this....

Love and hugs to you!!


Caroline - Can't wait to read your list!
Laini - I'm so sorry about your Mom's kitty. Your Grandma's dilly beans sound delicious!
Tara - A Happy Thanksgiving in Paris, to you and yours, too - xo
Ninnie - I hope you win the race!
Melba - Can't wait to read your list!
Kat - They're 2 of my favorites, too.
Tammy - And I'm grateful for you! You're an inspiration, lady. Good luck with the NaNoWriMo book.
Gerry - Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
Marilyn - For me, I'd almost rather fill up on the relish tray!
Sioux - Love your list - and I'm so thankful for all you Glitter Power Sisters. Thanks for sharing your list!

Anyone else want to share your list here?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you - let the feasting begin!


I love all the doodles in the leaves. You have a wonderful random list. I laughed, I cried ....


love those little animal faces hiding in the leaves. That really makes the drawing. I know the finished product will be fab! Gee, your weather sounds like mine, but PLEEZE don't send that smog south! :)


That's a wonderful post, lovely list, and it all reminds me of how much I am thankful for, including all the American friends I made this year - here in blogland, and in reality when I visited back in May/June. You've all been in my thoughts these few days. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, Tinker.

Pam Aries

Hey Tinkie! Hope your Thanksgiving was grand! I love your art piece! Pretty reds. and the little animals!!!!

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