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December 18, 2006



Wow. This should be published somewhere for everyone to read before Christmas. It's wonderful! Love that pic of you and Santa. Looks like you had his full attention. hehe


I loved anticipating Christmas as a kid. I used to like Christmas Eve just as much as the day itself.


I can understand why your picture was used to advertise Santa - you are so cute there and dressed to match him!

I loved reading about your build-up to Christmas. I feel I can hear you talking as you write (though I've probably got your voice all wrong!)


You captured the anticipation of Christmas so perfectly....even at my age, I could still feel it! You are adorable sitting there on Santa's lap. No wonder they chose that photo to use in their ads!
And, no fair....if you get that pony before me. I've been asking waaay longer than you!! :-)

tammy vitale

no - I've been waiting way longer for the poney - no fair!

also no fair on the evening before present - I lobbied as hard as I knew how - every year - and never got to open a present before Chistmas day. My longest friend (Linda - for those of you who know her through my blog)got to open ALL her gifts the night before simply because after Santa Christmas morning they always left for North Carolina.

Isn't funny how each year your Christmas tree is more beautiful than the year before (when it was the most beautiful of all?)

Wonderful writing!


Wonderful memories you have shared here and a Beautiful picture!!!
I was just talking to my (soon to be 7 year old)niece and she wanted to know the exact day and time we were coming for our visit. I know she will be watching the clock too!

Paris Parfait

Lovely memories you've shared, Terri! You've also brought back a lot of childhood memories I had all but forgotten - thank you! I didn't have a Chatty Cathy, but my friend did and I still remember that weird voice - and the Twilight Zone! :) xo


ah, as usual your words capture the moments perfectly!!

Pam Aries

Wow! You put it quite well, my dearie! Christmas anticipation (as a child) is the best of all! I love that pic, too! Hey..my cat just found a little ornament on the floor and is having a ball playing with it! hee ! Thank goodness it aint breakable!


Yes...the wire hanger halo's had tinsel garland wrapped around them....usually the shepherds had to wear their Dad's bathrobes...


Awww... what a cute pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How old were you in it?

I always loved the lights from the tree... I still do. That's my fav part of the holiday! :o)


It really is more than one day. What beautiful memories you have shared. My little TK turns one on the 29th, so you must educate me on keeping it seperate from Christmas.



ok, before I read all of this post - when is your birthday? I know I am supposed to know but I forgot and don't have the 'list' hee hee - can ya email me? xoxoxoox
off to read the rest of the post now!


what a great photo! i could never allow my youngest to look at him because she would immediately begin crying and screaming at the top of her lungs.


Such an adorable photo! My sister had a chatty cathy, though I never did. When is your Birthday? Mine is the 8th of Jan. I hated it being so close to Christmas, just as you said, everyone is too tired, and they just can't remember it since it is too close (2 whole weeks after!). Great post, with wonderful detail.

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