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December 05, 2006


tammy vitale

What a great post. It made me tear up and smile. Thank you!

Love all the list movies, but I'd have to put Scrooged up higher, maybe 3rd or 4th....Rudolph is grandson's favorite. I love the Grinch. It's a toss up between Seuss and Charlie Brown for #1 for me.

AND...we still have a video player and lots and lots of videos and I know how to work that machine! =] Tho we just got cable this year because of the Comcast package and I was absolute that I had to have fast internet after years (and YEARS) of sloooowwwww.

Merry holidays and happy solstice (oh yes - the best part of this time of year - soon the sun will come back and the days will get looonggger!)


Well I really don't watch much telly or go to the cinema often... of these I've only seen Its a wonderful life... maybe I'll ask Jim to get hold of some of these for us to watch (he'll fall over at the idea of me adding to our films to borrow list! ;-) thanks for giving me a way to astound him!


Tysdragonfly cries every year when Frosty melts.


add Polar Express! love that but White Christmas has to be my all time favourite. oh and for a laugh National Lampoons Christmas vacation !


There's something not quite right about Santa's beard in that photo...

And it's Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas for me.

Pam Aries

My fave is "A Christmas Story" about the little boy who wants the RedRider BBgun..."you'll shoot your eye out" kid! THe first time I saw it I laughed til I cried! Also "Christmas Vacation"...and........Of course, the old standbys that you mentioned!


That's not Harold singing with the angels, that's Emenem. Girlie, doncha know nuthin? I honestly get tired of all the same ol same ol holiday movies, but I never get tired of Charlie Brown! I've even had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree once. Really sad looking tree. It was just a branch! LOL I think my kids were embarrassed! Well, I don't have a DVD player either, and I just got high speed internet last week. I do have indoor plumbing tho. :) But alas, I think my Christmas spirit is out looking for yours.


It's the SMELL of Christmas that gets to me. That wonderful mixture of pine and cookies baking in the oven.


I know it's practically sacrelige to say so, but I've never really "gotten" Charly Brown. It's A Wonderful Life, though, ah, love that. And A Christmas Story, which I see is not on your list. A classic!


Every year at my house my Mom would send my Dad out for a tree and he would come back with a pitiful "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree....ah the memories

Paris Parfait

Oh, all these movies are my favourites too! And I love the Charlie Brown soundtrack and the reading you mention. You're so funny the way you describe your VCR. (We have both, because there are some movies that haven't made it to DVD that I can't bear to part with). I'm ready to watch some Christmas movies too. Somehow shopping in the department store crush no longer has the effect of putting one in the holiday spirit! Lovely post, Terri. (And I laughed and laughed at your comment on my piece about pigs flying). xo

Paris Parfait

And forgot to say, what a sweet adorable photo to treasure!


Well, I've sort of lost mine this year, too. Watched Miracle last night, White Christmas the other night. Still...


hahahaha Oh I love your list. I love all of those (except I haven't seen Holiday Inn)with a few additions:
A Christmas Story (you'll shoot your eye out).
Elf. It's a new must-watch-for-Christmas movie for me. It has Will Ferrell and Bob Newhart..oh and Mary Steenburgen. So funny. His childlike exuberance just makes me hee haw.

Fun post!!


I just have to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" every year, as well as a few others...but it just drives my husband batty. He gets so darned bored with them. But I love the traditional shows and movies. Great list, Tinker.


It's been SO LONG since I've seen A Charlie Brown Christmas. I think it will make me cry, too. I love It's A Wonderful Life as well, and the other night after we decorated the Christmas tree with the Kiddo, Beaux and I sat down to watch HIS all time favorite, A Christmas Story. Usually I find it depressing but this year I quite liked it!


It's so hard to feel festive when there are so many things to not feel festive about...but I've always loved Christmas movies...and nothing can bring a smile like dear, sweet Charlie Brown.

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