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December 11, 2006


tammy vitale

ooohhh yes - hibernate all winter...and the watch thing - I used to couldn't wear them more than a year...come to think of it my lates didn't last longer than a year either. Then they'd either speed up or slow down - something about my magnetic energy someone once said...
great post - love the stream of consciouness - youre head sounds like my head. Shall I feel bad for you now or later - I call it hamster head - the hamster forever in the wheel running and no quiet. Ever.
Again, great post.


You are so funny. I love your stream of consciousness. I'll do the meme, but may not get to it until tomorrow afternoon since I have to be somewhere first thing in the morning.

(I corrected myself..first time I typed that I have to be someone first thing in the morning lol)


I HATED Red Rover. I had the skinniest little arms and it HURT when they'd plow through them. (God, I'd forgotten about that torture...er, game...) Ketchup on eggs...can't do it, can't even look at it...my uncle always eats 'em that way. re the batteries...are you one of those people who cause streetlights to flicker and/or go out?!


I'm the opposite when it comes to food. I much prefer to eat different foodstuffs separately. There's very few things that I like to eat together.

Weirdly, I seem to recall enjoying British Bulldog when I was a kid, which is pretty close to Red Rover as I understand it, right up to the 'now banned' bit.


you are funny! xoxo
and thanks so much for NOT picking me - memes I am not good at. so I hardly ever complete them - then I feel guilty about letting the person who tagged me down.....
oh and what is it about this Christmas? I have one present and that is all! I just cannot get into it this year at all.


C'mon tink those weren't weird things they were all totally normal!

BTW Your font seems to have grown smaller - or have my eyes just gone?

And I'm both hurt and relieved that you didn't pick me... ;-)

Pam Aries

Wow ...you are weird! Hee hee ..only kidding! Weell...I have never done a meme, but this one is close to home! I'll do it! Have a great day!!!!


OK...there were more than 6 wierd things in #1....a couple in #2....You did #3 twice(different each time)#4 is really wierd...you must have some electric charge in your body...do street lights go out when you drive by? Totally with you on #5...and then question #6...I think you are just PRECIOUS...Wierd but very Precious.


Whew!!! I'm sure glad you don't have a camera. I'm worn out now from your thoughts so I am the one who is next in line for the couch.

I don't have Christmas spirit either for some reason. I think I am waiting for next year. I't like "the grass is greener". Next year will be better. Next year I will be more in the mood. Next year.......I'll do your meme. LOL

OKOK I'll do it, but I am NOT in a good mood today so my answers will prolly be Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

The size of hubcaps???? OMG! And how many tons of pasta? Well, let's don't knock it. It could have been worse. Couldn't it?

I know that someday we will meet in person. Please....let's not shake hands. I don't want to get zapped into the next lifetime. ;)


this is the first time i have come here. you crack me up...xo


Tammy - Thanks! I call it 'hamster mind' myself :-)
Lisa - I'm glad you're going to play along - can't wait to read yours!
Marilyn & Gemma - No, I've never noticed streetlights going out when I drive by - I may be weird, but I don't think I'm THAT weird - yet! lol
Pacian - Did British Bulldog have a chant as well? If so - what was it? (Though I'm sitting it out, I don't want a dislocated shoulder!)
Robyn - You're welcome; I know just how you feel.
Caroline - I thought I'd seen you do this one before - it may have been one similar (a lot of the memes start to sound similar after awhile though). Please do one if you'd like - I'd love to read your answers!
Pam - I feel so honored to be a part of your first meme - Can't wait to read yours!
Gemma - LOL, Oh my gosh - you're so right. Especially number 3, I did it twice! OK, add "can't count" to that list!
Judie - Well, maybe I exagerrated,just a little, lol - but they were close to baseball size - had to cut it up to eat it (though delicious). We'll forego handshakes if you'd feel better - though no one's complained of a "joybuzzer" handshake from me yet. But then would they tell me? lol
Boho - Glad you stopped by and that you enjoyed it. Hope you stop by again!


Remember that commercial "I ate the whole thing"? You reminded me of that. LOL

Mac & cheese only w/spinach? Love that!

Your blog and art look fantastic!


Paris Parfait

I love that idea of hibernating all winter - especially since last night I ate enough chocolate to keep me on the sofa too. The art is fabulous and your post is very funny. If it makes you feel any better, I still haven't gotten my Christmas decorations out of the wine cellar, because that would require moving about ten pieces of furniture and really, who has the energy? I'm thinking I'll just go buy some more tomorrow. Today I did get out some Christmas candles, change the sofa cushions in the "salon" to red, olive and gold velvets and iron a tablecloth - but only because my daughter's coming home from university tomorrow. I haven't listened to any Christmas CDs or watched any DVDs - like you, am having trouble getting in the right frame of mind! xo


I finished my Meme thingie.. :) teehee..Peace, Kai


*giggle* Tinker, I love it when you post while procrastinating!!!!

Meatballs the size of hubcaps?? hehe sounds... um... filling?

Red Rover... I absolutely LOVED that game! Even though I WAS one of the smallest/weakest ones... I wasn't THE weakest, so I wasn't injured often. :o)

It's funny to listen to how you like your food at home. I'm OCD about lots of things, but that's not on my list. I'm OCD about everything else though. lol


This post illustrates why we are so fond of you, sweet Tinker! You are just precious, with all your OCD ways. (I'm thinking your food pairings definitely don't lend well towards Southern food.)

Also, I love Red Rover. So much fun, but yes sometimes painful!

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