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December 09, 2006



Really cute! So what happens if you *think* you are being good, but your parents don't agree??? I like your take on this one!


Oh I love this story. I bought a T-shirt that says "Santa I can explain" HeHe


You have been VERY good - please send me your address so I can make sure the Royal Mail gets to you!


What a heartbreakingly cute little story!

Your reward is this smiley: :-)

tammy vitale

My first husband remembered getting a lump of coal in his stocking. I think it scarred him for life! Glad your Santa was just running a bit late for you. Great story.

Paris Parfait

Such a sweet story and photo for the prompt. I'm sure Santa will reward you for all your good deeds and ignore that one little incident. :) xo


Most children are incredibly hard on themselves, aren't they? This was fun to read. Thanks!

Regina Clare Jane

I love your picture- you know, I don't think I ever got to sit on Santa's lap... maybe I was being punished- my whole childhood! Anyway, it's adorable and I loved your story!

Pam Aries

Isn't it awful to make kids worry like that???heh heh...THat pic is os great! I don't have any pics of me with Santa:..(


Wonderful, wonderful story, Tink. And I loved the picture. Thanks so much for posting it.


Now I know there's a good reason to sleep really, really late on Christmas morning. I know someone has to get up to switch the oven on, but i don't want to take a chance!

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

Absolutely charming post. First one I saw on the Christmas naughty/nice theme. Well done that!
Much peace, JP


Hmmm. You've redecorated. Nice! I am sure Santa will overlook your one little, teeny, eeensy weensy discretion. Growing up, I was ALWAYS good. Because my mother had a "little bird that told her" if I was not good. I hated that bird! I never saw it, but I hated it. I BELIEVED!!!


You are so clever - my brain couldn't wrap around the topic reward and punishment and here you give us a holiday story about it - thanks!


I like your Blog's Holiday spirit! Very Cute story!


I know you made the nice list....just a little naughty for fun.


I think many parents are going to be alight with inspiration at this story! An empty stocking is enough to whip any child into good behavior-just the thought of it happening again could leave quite an impression. Glad to see yours though was filled afterall!!!


Tag, you're it.



You were so cute! Great story Tink! HUGS

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