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December 08, 2006


Paris Parfait

Amen, my wise and beautiful friend! My sentiments, exactly. I've been quite distressed this week, w/ health issues, seeing a 92-year-old man shaking with Parkinson's in the metro begging; a million little things that just take away the Christmas spirit. Your post says it all. And beautiful art, as well. Thank you, dear Terri. xo


You post beautiful sentiments and lovely art..Im glad I stopped by,
Peace, Kai

Pam Aries

My Dear Tink! This was very profound! THank you for writing it...there are so many things going on in this world today.... personally for all of us ,as well as globally. It is very frustrating this time of year. Thanks for reminding us what it is really all about!

Daisy Lupin

Lovely posting, it certainly does put everything into proportion, I will keep it in mind when I am starting to do my made whirling dervish dance or trying to get everything ready at once. Now will my computer let me post this?


Tinker, thank you. This is the perfect post at the perfect time.


I ditto all of the other comments - beautiful post * perfect. thankyou xoxo
ps- love your doodling :)


I loved reading this, and thank you for these wise words. They will change my approach to Christmas this year, I think.


You have some seriously valid points Tinker... Thanks for reminding me to be gentle with myself this year, and enjoy the things that ARE here this Christmas instead of flipping out about what isn't. *hug*


Your outlook on life is always so positive, no matter what. I think that is a wonderful thing.


You are so right!

We do all push ourselves to create some ideal that is probably unachievable...

I wish you all the oranges and nuts in your stockings that you could possibly want!

tammy vitale

wow. enough said. thank you!


Thank you Tinker


Beautifully, beautifully said, Tinker.


Thank you Tinker I just saw this tonight. Love the art work as well as the sentiments - you're a treasure

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