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December 12, 2006



I think you covered all my favorite methods--and you reminded me that I should be writing my holiday cards. Love K.s's Artist Survival Kit!


Hi, Tink. I just love your blog!! It is sooo much fun to read!!


Blogs are the worse this that keeps me from doing all the stuff I need to do...Like laundry! Oh my gosh, do I need to do the laundry! *cringe*

I like the new look. :)



ya know Tinker - maybe, just maybe this is all a dream (actually a nightmare) & you will wake up and all your shopping & decorating is really done!


favourite things to do when procrastinating include: commenting on you blog posting about procrastinating; finding things to clean (that aren't dirty - instead of doing things like filing paperwork); filing paperwork when the house needs cleaning; avoiding the washing to read blogs; doing the washing to avoid writing daily pages....

sigh... the list goes on

Paris Parfait

Well there's always reading a book or thumbing through magazines, or - Heaven help us all - ironing Christmas tablecloths and napkins. Like you, I can't seem to get it together in a timely manner this holiday season. :) I started writing Christmas cards and even got some posted, then got distracted with reading blogs and watching a CSI Miami DVD (well, it's not on television here, so I have a lot to catch up on!). Oh and the really big thing that I've had to do - clean all the extra antiques and brocante finds from my daughter's room so she can actually get in it when she arrives today. And of course that meant adding all those things to the wine cellar, which is already bursting at the seams (alas only about 10 percent of it is wine) - making it even more difficult to get to the Christmas ornaments buried in a suitcase somewhere in the cave. Yes, today must go buy more decorations - after reading a few more blogs. :) As for Blogger Beta, it's practically impossible to leave comments in the last two or three days. Delicious post, Terri and I think Her Majesty would be quite charmed by your angel! xo


Procrastination is why computer games were invented. Or procrastination is *because* computer games were invented. Either way works with me.

Aren't I so much the young male?


LOVE love love the new holiday header-- so lovely.


I can relate to most of those things....been there, done that....and I'd like to add one more so you don't have to go to the mall but I can't think of any right now!! My cat is asleep on my lap and I'm trying not to disturb her with my typing!!

gerry rosser

Too bad procrastination isn't considered a worthwhile skill (you know, they could have contests on ESPN like those disgusting gluttony competitions). I think I could compete. Reading blogs is becoming the worst of my time-eaters.


Me procrastinate, you must jest. Girl I will start new projects just so I don't have to finish the ones I have already started. How do I do it... Computer, blogging, games, play with the dog, help Banna with her art work, TV, and on and on, this list could go.


Starting new projects...so I can't finish old ones.
Blogging takes up a few hours....making lists of things I probably won't do....Hey this is wierd I typed this comment then looked up and saw Ninnie wrote practically the same thing.....just like yesterday when I ask about the flickering lamp posts...and someone else had already ask you that.
Redundant!!! Well
Guess I should start reading others comments first....but since you are procrastinating it won't hurt to read it twice.


Oooh, I love the fresh winter look! So la-ti-dah!

Blogging is a procrastinator's dream - and I am bonafide procrastinator. So I have found my true home in blogworld. :)


Patry - Glad you liked K.s's Artist Survival Kit - it is pretty cool.
Sioux - Thanks for the sweet compliment.
Amber - Laundry! uh-oh! I'm *cringing* too!
Robyn - If this is all a dream & I wake up to find all my shopping & decorating is really done - now THAT would be a DREAM!
Leonie - That sounds exactly like MY procrastinating method!
Tara - So glad your daughter's coming home to visit - Enjoy! Catching up on favorite shows is another favorite of my procrastinating pastimes, too.
Pacian - I don't think I can dispute that statement, lol.
Elizabeth - Thank you! Though really, the credit goes to SixApart/Typepad - used their theme template.
Janet - My policy, too - whatever you do, don't disturb the cat!
Gerry - Then we could compete on the show! The idea of competitive procrastinating makes me smile, though I don't think it would be very entertaining.
Ninnie - I do the "starting new projects to not have to finish the old ones" thing, too. I don't know if there's a cure.
Gemma - There's synchronicity at work for you!
Sam, Thanks - I owe it to Typepad themes. and about the blogworld? - me too!


very pretty angel! (from another procrastinator)


I think we're twins in all of these things. I procrastinate in all the same ways.


Ascender - Thanks! That means a lot coming from a fellow procrastinator, I mean artist :-)
Diane - I'm glad to know I'm not alone!


Keri always seems to put cool free downloads on her blog this time of year...I'd seen that artist's kit a few days ago...meant to return to it...thanks for the reminder. :)

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