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December 01, 2006



You are so welcome, Mz. Tink. Enjoy. QUESTION! Is that artwork above with the ladies yours? I didn't see anything in your post about it, altho perhaps I sped red and missed it. I LOVE IT! Just yesterday I was thinking of doing a WC with ladies in it tho it would not be as lovely as this. Now is this more of that syn-crow-nicity thingy? Pls tell more. :)

Pam Aries

What Coolio gifts! Isn't it wonderful to get such goodies!


Wonderful bounty!


Oh how great to get the mail these days...

tammy vitale

"Athena" and I thank you - glad you like the tiles and card! I like to think intuition plays a part when I pick tiles for folks (or maybe you're just being very nice!) =]... tho truthfully for someone participating in a 50,000 word challenge AND AEM...create and play are pretty self evident.


Tinker you did great....and such cute treasures you got in the mail!


I still have twenty pages to go myself, but this time, I imitated you, and I've already done an illustration of Ree.
See you tomorrow! (And if you don't finish, you can just blog on your initial impressions.


Please call the doll Sandy McDollface.

PS. Rejoice! I can comment again!


What fabulous treasures you got in the mail!

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