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December 06, 2006



these are neat, ms*tinker! love the little fairy girl xo

Paris Parfait

The art is beautiful, even "in progress," Terri! As for baking cookies, I have to wait until my daughter gets home; otherwise I would eat the whole batch. Sigh. As though I need more cookies. Enjoy your holiday preparations. xo


I like the purple one with the wand best. Look forward to seeing what will fill the other three circles...


wow-- if those are "tinkerings" I don't know what I'd call my scribbles-- your art is just so LOVELY!!


Love the smallness of these. It makes them cozy...and all that food talk...now I'm hungry again and I just ate breakfast! Tea it is....


Ohhh I love your tiny art. DH and I did not get to any time together as he is on the road and will not be home until the 22nd. Guess we will have to make up for it then. Hehehe


Tinkers Tinkering
minature circular art
for us to enjoy

Sorry I break into Haiku so frequently


I love these little rounds you are doing - they will be lovely ornaments!

The only way I can work small is to do something big and then cut it up!


Aww! Those are really cute!
I like to work on small things, too. At least I can finish something small. *pft*!

Merry Christmas!



Tinker, I love the "ornaments in the making"! They are inspiring... I may have to grab some for the kids I work with at church!!! Or just grab some for me... *giggle*

To answer the question you asked me FOREVER ago... I got the Tink slippers in the kids department at Walmart lol

Pam Aries

Ooooo..tiny Tinker art! I feel a theme coming on! I feel a leetle bit better since I see that ,you, too...have 'finishing' difficuties! I have starting and finishing problems ,,tho!


I like your tiny Tinker art. I've really been going slow with Christmas this year. My kids want money and you know what? That's what I'm going to give them. No stores, no crowds, no worries. I keep having to remind myself that I don't need to panic. lol


I have to give some time to small pieces because many of my blogging friends seem really to like it. I like how you made them into circles; especially the bird.


How lovely! You could decorate a whole tree with your tiny art! I love them. Also, I hear you on the baking. The other day I got a mouth watering urge for the plain sugar cookies my mom used to bake for us - the dough is the BEST part!

Also, sage biscuits? Sounds yummy and gourmet.

Alison Whittington (radiogirl)

Tinker, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog!

Those little drawings are so sweet! I want to pick up the little fairy girl right out of the picture, and put her in my pocket!

And our new kitten seems to love lying on paper more than anything. I put a nice cushion next to my desk for him, but he much prefers lying right on top of the sketchbook. Odd...

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