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January 14, 2007


tammy vitale

ah - hermit crab - I know that. lately I've been feeling the need to change shells or something...I wish I had a place like that around here!

Lovely post. So full of joy. Received with a happy sigh on this end - much needed.

Crafty Green Poet

Lovely post, sounds like a great place based on a great idea!


That sounds like a great place to meet and create. I wish I lived there! And I completely agree with your thoughts about ideas. I like your concept of them being Easter egg shaped and in all colors floating in the ether. Great visual!!

Paris Parfait

I love your idea of hatching ideas and nurturing them until they're ready (I do this too - nobody can read certain things I'm working on until they're finished, i.e. the book). And the Artbar sounds like a fabulous time to spend one's time and energy and expend creativity! Thanks for sharing the good news about your wonderful experience. Can't wait to see your art that's percolating! And all the art shown with your post is terrific! Lunch sounds great too - I mean, brownies after all are known to encourage creativity! :) xo


I've seen pictures of the Artbar in magazines -- it looks wonderful! And I didn't realize you lived in southern cal, for some reason I thought you were a northern cal gal! I also love the name of that restaurant -- there's something about the word "gypsy" that's just magical.


I nurse my ideas so tenderly, but they all grow to have teeth and hunger after me. I lock them in the basement and hope they don't get out.



Hi Terri!
We had a blast! Even your photo looks very arty! I will check back to see your finished pieces. Have fun keeping those eggs warm!


oh, i wish there was an art bar near me!!! darn! i love your picture, it's a collage in itself!


Oooh, that does sound like a wonderful place! It sounds positively magical--I'm glad you got to experience it.

Pam Aries

Tinker! What an adventure! I wish there was something around here that was so cool..California...Yeahhhh..that is where it is ...Still happening! I cannot wait to see what hatches!!!! I know it will be 'eggs-citing'!


I've never been to Santa Ana...next time I am in So. Cal, I'll have to go and check this out.


Sounds like a fun place...

but my favourite bit of this posting is you idea about rainbow bubble eggs - maybe that's what I've been brooding over...



OMG cream cheese and olives and cuke and sprouts.....to die for!!! LOVE places that have that kind of lunchy food. And the menu picture...more syn...crow...icity here I think. Sometimes I think of a title before I do a painting, and I have been thinking of doing one called "The Violin Player". How ..crow...is that? Thanks for making me hungry! What a fun place to go and create...AND with a friend...lucky you!


The ArtBar sounds FABULOUS! And I agree--ideas need to be kept under wraps for a bit. Love your egg analogy. I always think of planting creativity seeds and waiting for them to sprout a bit before sharing them. ;)


oh, how lovely! I want to have a place like that near me too, a artbar - wow! and I adore your description of the eter filled with idea birds. thanks for sharing it!


Art Bar sounds really cool!
I see a little Frida art


Wow! Sounds amazing. Sometimes I dream of owning a place like that. Then I realize what I really would want is to spend all my time there because there has to be many not so fun administrative tasks in any business.


If I was artsy that would be a great place! Heck, I'd love to just watch ;)


I've heard of that ARtbar...I would love to own a place like that. Think of the people you'd meet, the ideas you'd share and you'd get to spend all your time surrounded by artistic spirits! I love the way you see things btw!


I want an artbar! Tinker, this post was alot of fun to read, I was laughing to myself as I read - I could just see you with the lightbulbs over your head xoxo love ya!


What a lovely time you had! And I love the art!! Wow!! Wish we had an Art Bar around here...no such luck!!

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