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January 30, 2007


tammy vitale

excellent use of metaphors there - all the way thru to the end. May your cup be the only thing that continues to overflow!


Beautiful artwork from Violette! I hope the plumber worked some magic for you and wasn't one of those guys with too much of his backside showing!!


Happy birthday again..lol..
and we shall celebrate your life until the dawn of time sets on the universe..
:)Peace and hugs, Kai


Belated Happy BD. Such an important day should be celebrated for more than one day! :D Love the colourful card.
Toilet humor abounds in our home and we've had too much "overflow" to reveal in blogland. I was about to type hope you're not "cracking" up and then I saw Janet's comment. lol. I'll leave mine.


Hi Tinker,
OOPS! The comment above is really from GeL not "Anias." Luckily, I realized this when I was about to leave a comment on Violette's site after visiting you.

Anias had emailed me a comment for my "Tuesday Afternoon Tunes" weekly post, but I was late and hadn't posted that weeks. So, I put her comment in manually on the correct post, with her links and ID info. Then OOpS! I promptly forgot that typepad (or haloscan) retains the info.

Sorry for the confusion. SHe is a participant I met via Poetry Thurs but we are not the same woman.


Tinker - it sounds like you are living one of my not so good dreams! Yuk! I do hope the plumber is a good one and gets you all sorted asap.

Glad your mailbox is so abundant - long may it be so!


all I am going to say is OMG! shiny happy people - synchronicity this is - you will see when you get your dolly xoxo


ok delete the above comment ! I thought I was on gemmas blog - gawd, menopause is really affecting me today along with the full moon coming up. sorry miss tinker :(


"Shiny happy people holding hands" - a lovely image.



Oh, Tinker! Overflows (other than ones in your cup) are not a good thing. I hope they "flow" better soon. Ours are "overflowing" as well... I think the drain pipe has frozen? *sigh*

That's fine about the tag... they ARE optional you know LOL

Paris Parfait

Oh, no! Hope it's dealt with quickly and the solution is simple. Lovely card and magnet. xo


So cool to get mail art from Violette!!! Yippee!
Jump up and down!


Terri I knew it was Violettes art, it’s distinct, and she fashioned the card after a guy I know! If you think her art is cool; wait until you celebrate in person! It will be very exciting when the glitter power sisters finally convene to meet her!

Hope you caught the leak before the flood!

Hugs Sherrie


thanks so much for posting this.....so lovely of you! As you know i had a great time at CHA!

Wish we could have connected!

Love ya!

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