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January 07, 2007


Tammy Vitale

Now how cool is this! What a great play on "The Kiss" the word and the picture! I will never look at the picture the same way again (and maybe I'd better keep a closer eye on some of the ones I have around here). You know, they've brought toys and museums to life, why not pictures...have you talked to Hollywood?


Oh I'll just have to get a reproduction of it to put in our bedroom if its that effective!

What a lovely thought and beautifully written as usual.


I don't have this painting in my bedroom but maybe I should get it!! Love how the two stories weave together. Very clever!


What a great take on one of my favorite pieces of art. I almost collaged a bureau with it, but was worried it may be too redundant. Great Sunday scribbling! Also wanted to mention I was unable to post on some type pad blogs for a while, but I thinks it’s been rectified, thankfully!

Peace and giggles


Wow! This was GREAT! I loved it!


Tink, that was a great story! You are the bomb at story telling.

Dave said even if I can't kiss him he will always kiss me...awww.



Amazing. I loved this. And I love Klimt's "The Kiss". I used it with my poem today.


That was great. Love how you put the two together. Thanks for asking about Miss Banna she appears to be doing better. Not coughing as much but she did say tonight that her throat still hurt when she swallows. Love Hugs and Blessings


what a unique perspective!!
thankyou for your note tink... Happy new year!!
Peace, Kai.


Wow, what a wonderful story!


Great post as usual, Tinker. Love the blending of the stories.


LOl! This is wonderful fun! What an imagination you have. Great job!


Pam Aries

OOOhh. gal..that's a bodice ripper for sure! Very clever! ....


Another good one!!! Have you considered publishing your posts??? You could, you know.


Haha! Great post! And an excellent take on this weeks prompt!

Paris Parfait

An innovative take on kissing! Very lovely work, Terri! xo

Crafty Green Poet

Excellent! I love Klimt's kiss and was lucky enough to see the original a few years back. I like how you've brought the characters to life.


Hee hee! I liked this.



So beautiful and inventive! A perfect combination of the earthy and the lyrical--just like the painting.

Daisy Lupin

That was great. Really clever ending. I will think of this story everytime I see Klimt's kiss now.

Alison Whittington

Brilliant story! Wow!


This is such a great story and that's one of my favorite paintings. Tim once gave me a card with the print on it. I, of course, saved it and now every time I look at it, I will double check that they're in the right place. "hey you two, no hanky panky"


This is one of my favorite paintings, ever...


Great post Tinker. Very clever and creative.

Happy 2007!

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