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January 27, 2007



She's beautiful!


Oh, that was such a sweet tribute to your daughter. I can just see the cat/toothpaste experiment! Your daughter sounds like a very resourceful young woman and she's beautiful as well. Great combination!

Barbara aka Brain

Happy 21st Bonnie!!!!!!!!!!
Best of everything to you
these are the best years
enjoy......Love, Barb


What a wonderful age--and what terrific memories, remind me of similar adventures with my own twenty-one year old daughter. xox


Happy, Happy 21st Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Don't you wonder how she came to be 21 when you're only 29?? LOL!


she is gorgeous! a happy happy birthday from down under xoxox


BonBon is so attractive. Love her gorgeous hair!!!Multi talented as well. What a fun girl you have!!!

Paris Parfait

Your daughter is beautiful and talented - like her mother! xo

tammy vitale

You gotta love daughers! Mine is going on 31 in March (and worrying about wrinkles). I think they make each generation smarter because, like you, I have found myself marveling at her talents and real wisdom for one so young.

Your daughter is lovely - may she continue to be the adventurer throughout her life - and may you continue to the loving recipient of cateloging all that fun!


Happy birthday to your beautiful, spunky daughter! I'm sure y'all make a fabulous team. And I adore red hair...

Pam Aries

Your daughter is gorgeous and her hair is fantastic! i love the cute stories!...hey, what purple dancing Llama/ I gotta go see....

Pam Aries

wait...is she holding a Tiffany's box!?


Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!


Happy Birthday to your daughter!! The years really are just ripping by at lightning speed. Enjoy your days together!


Happy Birthday to your lovely birthday girl - I'd noticed your llama and smiled as I'd had one like that in my sidebar a year ago! But it got distracting so I removed her - she too was purple!

She sounds like she was a wonderful girl to watch grow and has become an equally wonderful woman - blessings to her!


She is very beautiful!

Gypsy Purple--Chamara

Beautiful and congratulations to your lovely girl


She's so lovely. Happy Bday to her...


Happy Birthday to that lovely daughter. All three of mine are over 35...and in June 2 will be over 40! My, time flies.


Happy Belated Birthday to your gorgeous talented princess. Amazing hair, I love it!
May love and abundance fill up her year!

Peace and giggles


I'm sorry I missed her birthday. She is really a strikingly beautiful woman. Her hair is gorgeous. Sounds like she has brains and heart to match. :)


I read this last night and felt so warm inside. Your daughter radiates beauty from within as well as being striking! It was a pleasure to read a post made written with such pride and love. One of my daughter's birthdays is next month, only a bit younger than yours.

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