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February 01, 2007



Congratulations on the Water!

And I love your elephant... if you've got to the bit in the Soul Collage book about doing companion animals I've got a baby elephant in C2... the sacral chakra... emotional.. probably rather wet... and I've got this immature elephant galumphing around there!

So I'll just suck up some water and squirt it around to show how much I appreciate water too! Happy showering.


We take so much for granted, don't we?! Water. Just turn on the faucet ... unless that doesn't work and then we panic. I'm happy you're back in business and can shower and bathe to your heart's content. I love the elephant painting!
PS I'm doing a give-away over at my blog so stop by and put your name in the drawing (if you want to!)

Paris Parfait

Thank goodness you have water! Isn't it always the way that we appreciate these basic comforts so much more when we have to do w/o them for awhile??!! I ordered that book too before I knew about the blogging group - I'm going to admire from afar, as I have too many writing deadlines at the moment. And fine to post about the package - thanks for your lovely email! xo


I am like you, Tinker, I find messages in everything that happens to me and there have been some big ones lately...ones that I can blog about and ones I can't. But big! My big ones are now about patience (=new puppy).


oh, i love your elephant! and what funny synchronicity about the water!

i love your sense of humor. :-)


So glad you have water. I hate it when any kind of plumbing messes up. Love the little elephant. Love, Hugs, and Blessings


So happy you have water back. It really is true how we just take the flip of switches and the turning of taps so for granted.
Your elephant drawing is SO amazing. Reminds me of Ashes and Snow.
I didn't know JC had a new book coming out - I still haven't gotten through the first 2. eek.


down here, we have come to appreciate water alot lately, with the drought and water shortage ! love your elephant! he is soo cute xoxox


I LOVE your elephant painting. It just LOOKS like elephant skin. Mz. T, you are so creative. My water problem is drought, which drives ANTS inside seeking water. Aaaaaccccckkkkkk have been fighting them in the bathroom for over a week now. I'm glad you finally got to shower. I'm downwind....LOLOLOLOL JUST KIDDING!!!!!


Wow! Love the elephant!

Angela D

Wow... I love this little guy... I'm not sure why when I see an elephant my eyes will always start filling with tears.

:::wiping my eyes:::


As someone who used to depend on rainwater to fill our cistern at home, I fully understand how wonderful it can be when water RETURNS. ;) Love your elephant.

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