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February 05, 2007


tammy vitale

Oh - how fun "seeing" the process! It makes me feel better about some of my camera "skills." =]

Congrats to all the winners.

Paris Parfait

Such a cute post, Terri! And what lucky winners! As for camera difficulties, my state-of-the-art digital camera (that's under warranty for five years and it will probably take that long to wade through the French bureaucracy to get it fixed) has packed up today. As I cannot manage without a digital camera - and as it will surely take weeks to have the original camera repaired - this means I will be forced to buy a new one. Sigh. (Shhh - don't tell my husband). :) xo


This has been so fun!!!!
Lucky winners of Tinker art.xoxo Life is good!


Glad you had a hat - so much more photogenic than an envelope!

I've recently resolved to actually learn how to use my camera properly... :-)


Congratulations to the winners!
Ah- I agree about the marriage vows - it's so nice to have a patient assistant! lol!
I found a digi cam I REALLY want BUT since I already have one that works - AND another that I dropped and broke and will take a miracle to fix...it's not in the cards. DRAT! oh well!
I loved the play by play...you are a clever gal even when you are having camera difficulties!


Love the post and the pics to go with it. Congrats to the winners.


WooHoo! I actually won something...wow! THANK YOU! THANK YOU BLOG HUSBAND TOO!!!

Pam Aries

Tinker..You are a riot! reading this was as fun as seeing who won! My gift was getting a good giggle!


Well, that gave me a good giggle tonight!


Congrats to all the winners! I had to invoke my wedding vows too and enlist the help of my hubby to do my drawing this morning. He's mumbling something about forming a union with other guys forced to pull names out of a hat.


This was such a kind idea Tinker! May the kind generosity come back your way tenfold!


wow. you mean I'm geting a genuine piece of gorgeous artwork from the world famous artiste Ms tinker? Oh, oh..
jumps about in joy..
Thankyou!!!!! The glitter dust must have worked :)
PEace, Kai.


I Love when I see a comment from you on my blog; always so heart felt. It is wonderful to connect with you. I value your perspective!


Alison Whittington (radiogirl)

Oh my, oh my, oh my goodness! I am so excited! Thank you! Wow, wow, wow, WOW!


Wow, Wow, Wow...I won, I won, I won. Thanks so much, Tink!!


You make reading blogs so much fun!!! Congrats to the winners. :)


Terri What a giggle....congrats to kai and sioux!

Darn cameras, poop out, just when you need them most!
Giggles Sherrie

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