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February 27, 2007



So many questions and I don't have any answers for you. If you find out about the socks please let us all know.
I think if we could all just see each other as human beings we could eliminate a lot of hate and hurt in the world. I like your vision of the puzzle pieces fitting together to make one big world. Let's put that thought out there in the universe and see if we can make it happen. Then there would be peace on earth.

GeL (Emerald Eyes)

Hi Tink,
Compelling image using your? (a) hand. Enjoyed your philsophy buildup. (So I'm not the only one who is left to change the TP roll, the paper towels (when we used them), the other details...) Those sox are an eternal dilemna and source of humor. Those larger puzzles: yes Peace would be a wonderful fit that I'd like glued in place in our world.


I am forever wondering and puzzling about something to do with this thing we call life. I wish I could find some PEACE for my soul.... I am sure I would be normal then... is that ok?


My piece of the puzzle has "please turn over" written on both sides.


Gosh Mz. Tink, I don't think I have ever heard you sound so serious. Don't fret. It's all part of life. The honeybees are being devoured by the African Killer Bees that are making their way across the U.S. Honest! The geese prolly are just going down the street to a pond to spend the day. Watch for them in the evening going back to their roost. And if you look in the corners of your folded fitted sheets, you will prolly find that missing sock. That's where mine always are. As for world peace...I can only repeat... "There will be wars and rumors of wars"....peace will come one day, but I think too late for all of us here. Hugs to you.


Wow. From now on I am going to Judie with all my questions. hehe I don't know if she's right but her answers sure sound good to me!

I love the way you have me just on the verge of tears, Terri, and then make the sock comment and make me laugh. Maybe we all just have to find our little piece of peace. Or make peace on our little piece of this planet. A puzzle has to be worked a piece or two at a time. A little peace per piece and we'll eventually have a big beautiful picture where we all belong.

Thanks for making me think.


Here is my puzzle PEACE....Alot of us have puzzle PEACES that do click together....too bad there are pieces that have jagged edges that just don't fit.


Tinker, you said "Stargate"!!! I love that show!
(and my dryer resembles it too, I've even lost a few shirts through it!!! Evidently the Azgard eat socks for their meals, and snack on shirts? *pondering this* High in fiber, I suppose...)

I love your puzzle drawing... that is awesome.

Kate Robertson


After reading your post I could relate to a lot of it. I know that I have some wonderful moments of PEACE in my life. I tend to always think when the issues are so big that I like to think globally but act locally. I do try to create peace and understanding in my own life and hope that others do the same and then before you know it a huge chain reaction is occurring. I hope you have some peace in your world today.


I think, in my currently not very humble opinion (!), that the most puzzling thing is putting it into words rather than just letting things be... or is that bee.. oh oh... maybe I've got my silly hat on after all!

tee hee!

Paris Parfait

Terri, your puzzled thoughts are shared by many. The art is wonderful! Very imaginative and creative. And yes, why can't "all God's children just get along?" asked my daughter at age seven. xo


Your puzzle analogy was perfect! We are all a piece of the solution for peace ;) Socks will forever be a mystery. LOL


Remember, you've got to say "peace," when saying your piece, if you want to be in the drawing!


I like the image in the picture -- very nice! And it's optomistic of you to draw a puzzle piece that looks like it's going to fit the space. I have my worries that things will not, in the end, come together with a snick, but I love the idea of it. Of us all holding our own piece and there being a kind of cosmological puzzle that needs ALL our pieces. Nice! I wish us all luck!


...oO(do all my previous *peace's* count? lol)
Seriously this is a lovely idea Ms Tink. :)
PEace, Kai.

Alison Whittington

I won't use the "p" word because I've already been lucky enough to win once, but I still wanted to let you know that this post is great. I spend a large portion of my life puzzled.

(But I've learned to appreciate puzzlement; it keeps things intriguing and it's far better than not wondering at all)

gerry rosser

I've had that same thing with the funky word verification thingy not appearing. I just hit "publish your comment" anyway, and it refreshes with funky letters visible, so far.

Thanks for visiting me recently, I've been devoting myself to photography.


is that piece or peace? hee hee

each of us has a piece of peace in our hearts - but how to access it?

Daisy Lupin

Mmmmm, I have been puzzled recently, puzzled by time, now puzzled by the moon, I feel that my blog is beginning to be obsessed with both the above!


Peace, daisy peace..... I will say peace for daisy, is that ok?


No worries, Miss R - I'm throwing her name in the hat for you, as well as Caroline who e-mailed me that she'd meant to as well. Peace be with you all and thanks for playing. I'll draw names and post a bit later.

Daisy Lupin

Peace Tinker, but I think Robyn has said peace on my behalf already.

Lisa Oceandreamer

There are so many unanswered questions we'd all love to know the answers to. The sad thing is that our alikeness is greater than our differences and yet no one wants to stop and see that. To achieve PEACE, true PEACE takes minds to agree to disagree. I know that sounds simplistic and childish, but it seems this world has become a huge dysfunctional family...he pinched me...BAM we're at war. She came in to my room and touched my stuff, BAM we're at war. I think you know what I am saying.
You always have such thought provoking things to say dear Tink. I can at least wish you inner PEACE as you ponder the fate of those socks.

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