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February 02, 2007


Paris Parfait

Terri, I'm glad you like the package. You deserve some treats, after all you've been through lately. As for the nomination, you deserve that too! So glad the water situation is sorted and your new camera is being put to good use. Please toss my chapeau into your Valentine's drawing. Hope you enjoy the weekend! xo


I'm not a big fan of Valentine's but the chance to have a piece of your art will allow me to put aside my bah humbug attitude to all things red and rose-y! Please include my name in the hat/ envelope. And congrats on the blog nomination, I will head over there and vote for you! And btw, what is Groundhog Day?!


Tinker....you do have an extraordinary blog...I love visiting here.You are already a winner!!
:-)PS I'm going to do a give-away too.


Wow you got an Imbolc present - that's wonderful!

Please put me in the hat too!

Valentines are not something I'm good at...


I would LOVE to be your Valentine ;) Toss me in and congrats! XXOO

Alison Whittington

Aw shucks, Terri, thank you for the happy birthday wishes! You weren't late at all; it's today. I once had a birthday on 02-02-02. And I meant to go to Punxatawney that year, but it didn't happen. Oh, well. Happy Groundhog's Day!

tammy vitale

Oh yes - put me in the envelope! Valentine's is my anniversary....we got engaged on Sadie Hawkin's Day (yes, I asked and presented a ring). I LOVE Valentine's Day!


how positively lovely of Tara to have a Comfort Package sent to you from that incredible Colette! She puts such love in to it.
And holy moly how in the world did MY name get in there for nomination. I had no idea until I saw it on one blog and now I've seen all this on three other blogs! I am SO happy YOU are nominated and it is I who feel very honored to be in YOUR and the others company. I have no idea who nominated.
I definitely want to be added to your Valentine drawing - (raising my hand and waving it).
Daisy picked the names for me at Midnight because G had already gone to bed.
Sending you BIG love sweet Terri!


Yes, please, add my name to the list. Congratulations on being nominated. That's an honor for sure.


i love the idea of sending love out to the world. someone asked me if I could have anything for just one day, what would it be?
I said, noone dying..perfect peace for just a day..they maybe the love will catch and it will happen over n over..
Oh scheeche, im waffling on..
Congraddiess on your nom. I'd vote for you!!
Peace, Kai.

GeL(Emerald Eyes)

Congrats, Tinker! I love Valentine's day, actually month, to me! However, please don't put me in the hat, because I am anonymous.

Those goodies from Tara look delightful! How fun. I wish I didn't need to be anonymous. Maybe that will change this year... Love to you and your family.


What a lovely package of goodies! Tara is a sweetheart! Enjoy your treasures and I'll be sure to visit the voting page.

Kate Robertson

Congrats on being nominated. Put my name in the pot I'd love some of your Art.


Congrats on the nomination! And I'd love to be included in your draw, if Canadians are eligible.


Hi, Thinker, please enter my name in your drawing. Thanks!


What a wonderful package! Tara's wonderful, eh?

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