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February 04, 2007


Paris Parfait

Terri, you can disable the touchpad on your laptop and attach a mouse. That's what I do, because the touchpad is fine for short periods of time, but like you, I find it difficult. Good luck sorting it all out. And stop by and toss your name in my "On Paris time" hat! xo


You are brave to go for the laptop... I'd want a bigger screen not a smaller! And a full size keyboard too... its taken years to achieve the level of skill you've got typing and now you are adapting to something different - wow!


You need to fashion some sort of low-tech finger de-extenders so that you can type properly. It's the only way.


That's why I haven't made the change to a laptop! They seem so small and compact. Hope you get the hang of it.
I think I put my name in earlier but if I haven't please add me.


I'm glad you stopped by my blog Tink, because when you told me to come here I thought that's odd, I've already signed up. So I thought I'd better check. And my post is not here. It was hours ago, and I mentioned all that gobblydegook you typed upstairs there! Drat! It musta been that infernal security thingy. I thought it took and just signed off, but I musta been mistaken. Who me? Nah! Actually, once in my life I thought I was mistaken, but I was mistaken.


....and don't YOU mistake this for just a friendly stop-by! I came here to WIN!!!! ;)


Hi sweetie! Sending bloggie love your way! XXOO

Pam Aries

Listen. girlie..I would be in the same boat switching PCs! I am tossing my name in! ...and by the way...the only thing you owe ME is a big aole hugwhen we MEET!

Denise Nesbitt

Please include me, and do check out my blog for my spring project!



Yep takes some getting used to. All I have anymore is a laptop did away with my desktop completly. I love it now. Made me a board to keep it on in my lap. Took the mouse only mine is a trac ball from the desktop and put it on the laptop. You don't even have to disable the touch pad. But I did because Banna would miss with the touch pad while I was working the mouse and it would over take the mouse. Place my name in the drawing please.

Kate Robertson

Hey Terri, I can not remember if I entered your contest or not so put me in your drawing.


You are very welcome Tinker for saving you from invasion of the alien mousse! And eek, computer/blog problems. My common sense knows it can't all run smoothly all the time but doesn't stop my frustration when things don't work! Wishing you a wonderful new week!


when I first got my laptop I felt the same as you do....then I bought wee laptop mouse that had a USB connection - it retracted when not in use - it tangled and stopped working. I tried another, it got in the way. I finally mastered the use of the mouse pad and my finger - it's second nature now. It also took me time to type - again I finally got used to it. now PC keyboards seem like a piano to me. lol! You'll be a pro in no time!!


GeL(Emerald Eyes)

Like PP, said, you can disable that &^%$%^& touchpad and attach a real mouse. My husband loves the touchpad, but I find it takes too much time.

As for typos, I make them regardless of what computer I'm using. For real life publication, I double-check my work, but my non-drawing hand is affected in such a way that I'm not as nimble, but my brain still says "touch typist" and it often comes out tush typepsst but not that corny nor crewative. (I left that w in; real typo from that hand.)

Hope you become acclamated to the new puter setup soon.
Thanks for your comment on the SS post drawing. I still cannot access my original one, but I did post a "good bye" poem, albet a rough draft.


Hi Tinker , just to let you know I am here visiting xoxo
thanks for your friendship & support in my good AND bad times xo

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