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March 12, 2007



If you are ever asleep at the same time that I am...
I'll meet you in Paris in dream, Tinker!

Your daughter sounds quite formidable to me! and "formidable" always sounds much better when said with a French accent - so Paris it clearly will be - once you are back from Italy of course.


o my, this post brought tears to my eyes, tinker. beautiful. i love that you offer to meet your grandkids in their dreams. that's awesome.


Wonderful post and so was your FW post yesterday...I'm one of the ones who can't comment on typepad anymore...having said that it'll probably take today:-)


I'm shocked it did post...LOL


I guess you can do almost anything you dream as long as you are willing to give up everything for that dream.

Paris Parfait

Oh, yes, Terri! I hope you get to Paris while I'm here. That is bizarre that your granddaughter voiced the same Paris theory that you'd written about some time ago. And wonderful news about your daughter's prize-win! Hilarious about all the Girl Scout cookies (Wanna send a box to Paris?) :) xo


Beautiful post Tink! You always bring me a smile. Thanks ;)


Alison Whittington

I found the most beautiful book at B&N last week on the bargain shelf, called "Voyages Around the World" with vintage travel photography, and menus and posters, so that I could travel even when I'm stuck at home...

and then I come to your blog and I get to travel again. Thanks for the journey, Tinker!


Tinker, you are not nearly old enough to be my grandmother but can I adopt you as my grandmother and meet you in my dreams. Gosh darn it those grandkids of yours must love you sooooo much. Thank you for sharing. Now pass the thin mints......


Yum...I have some good GS cookies in my cupboard right now, too. Just love those Samoas!


I travelled along with your musings. Great post!

GeL (Emerald Eyes)

"Dreams can come true. If you step towards them" Oh, Yes!!
Enjoyed your dream journey. Ahhhh! I've been hooked on your blog since discovering it.


Tinker I do think we learn more from our kids than they do from us!! It's a win win process thats for sure!May all your dreams come true!
Hugs Sherrie


Your family is SO CUTE!!!!!! Do the grand-girls really call you "Grandmerry"?


Yeah, they do call me that, Jana, though now the oldest one refers to me as her grandma when she's around her friends - that's to be expected at her age though. I'm still Grandmerry when it's just family.

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