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March 25, 2007



hee hee, excellent! thanks for the brownie bites and the coffee and a catchup on the goss!


Happy Sunday-Scribbleversery!

Kate Robertson

Tinker, cute post. They were yummy from my end.



ha ha! That was fantastic! I'm SO impressed with your 'visual!' Thank you for taking so much time. Very yummy - both the bites and the post!!

Daisy Lupin

I must go and check my kitchen to see who the couples are, amazing post Tinker. I used to do Sunday Scribblings and enjoyed it but then started stressing all the time about it, may go back to it someday. ohhhhhhhh just noticed the magimix and the steamer are looking very close and friendly!


Very cute! I hope that Pepper doesn't get so hot headed that he assaults the Salt! Thanks for such a delightful post! And thanks for the brownie bite, coffee, and kitchen gossip.


So cute, Terri! Love it -- and even though it is barely 6 in the morning, I think I WILL indulge in a brownie bite with my coffee. Thank you. Are there any 'S's left? That is one delicious letter. Thank you! And I love the visual of the stove and fridge as an old married couple!


I love your tribute to Sunday Scribblings!
Your writing about the relationships in your kitchen is fantastic!


this is so nice. I wish I could bite one of those brownies right now!


Beautiful tongue in cheek tribute. I loved this.

Paris Parfait

Terri, you're so clever - both with your visual treats and your words! Love this post. xo


Hope you didn't eat all those brownie bites at once! Thanks for all the kitchen goss., and absolutely yummy post!


Ooh, very Hans Christian Andersen - although he was rarely so funny.


Oh, that was a hoot! I ended up sputtering my coffee! Once you get going, it just gets better and better! Loved this!


You're the real thing girlfriend. I adore you and that creative mind of yours. Brilliant! XXOO

pam aries

munch..munch...sip.munch.Girl ... that is funny! What a clever Scribbling! You are after my own heart with that one! munch..oops..sorry , i dropped a couple of crumbs...


hehehe your mind is fun.


This is adorable Terri! I loved the relationship metaphors....wonderful fun! The fudge bits what a sweet tribute to Sunday Scribbling! It’s been such a inspirational blog, so glad to have found it!

Hugs Sherrie

Lisa Oceandreamer

Well this was an absolutely clever post, although I know to expect only the best here. My kitchen will certainly take on a whole new persona now.


Tinker you have such a characterful kitchen - I love how you imbue everything with so much fun!


Hi! Thought you might have missed my email addy when I announced your name as a winner..... Please contact me at bluebirdroses@aol.com so your spring flowerpot can make its way to you! Happy Spring!! :)


Oh Mz. Tink, you are so humorous. Love reading your stories. Wish I could get on one of those winds that blow thru your talented mind and be able to catch some of it in a jar and put it in MY kitchen! Um, let's don't talk about my kitchen!


Hilarious post ~ such a creative spin! I'm glad I visited! after a long hiatus (my own blog has gaps). Great visuals. Your blog looks so professional :-)

GeL (Emerald Eyes)

Scrumptious drawing and delightful, "backyard fence" comfortable and clever chatter. Love your punny observations. If I could leave a note on your fridge, it would be humorous and unusual enough to spark delight in your eyes and elicit rich laughter (but not while you're drinking or through your nose.) Of course, such a note eludes me. Erma Bombeck, I'm not...Tink, I'm still smiling. Wonderful anniversary post for SS.

Kimberley McGill

I will never view my kitchen in the same way again! Great fun, thanks.


Love it, Tink. You really have a flair!!


OMW!!!! The spoons are spooning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha That is the BEST LINE EVER!!!!!! I love it!!


This is unbelievably delightful! The post AND the bites!

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