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March 19, 2007


tammy vitale

Ah - YOU are inspiration. I'm reading a book now on women and mirrors and the fact that your Inspiration Muse/mermaid is holding a mirror caught my attention. It's about how women define themselves by what they see in the mirror (more complex than that of course).

I hate when my computer imps take over....like with the bullet thing. But it sure does make life interesting!

Hope you feel better soon! I have just caught Husband's version and am doing affirmations and releases and hoping for a quick manifestation of power in the health arena. =]


I think the name of the muse of Inspiration is Tinker!

Really hope you are starting to feel better soon!


I love that mermaid. When we're unwell, sometimes that's where the energy has to go - to getting well again - and the muse / inspiration is kind in staying away. (though seems to me there's always inspiration around you!)Hope you're better soon.

pam aries

Hey Tink! Very inspirational, my dearie! are you feeling ANY better? I had to use my nebulizer...breathing machine thing it was so bad this morning! I love yuor mermaid!


You are always an inspiration to me. I enjoyed the imagery of the mermaid and the shell game. I guess we all have those moments. I hope you're feeling better today. As for the Finding Water update, I'm sure that even Julia gets sick once in awhile!

Paris Parfait

You are so hilarious - you and your unintended bullets and the shell game! And you inspire me and make me laugh all the time. Beautiful mermaid - wonder what's inside that treasure chest? xo

Lisa Oceandreamer

You are always an inspiration my friend and to be so while feeling so poorly...just proves it! I love the image of the mermaid playing the shell game...great visual!!
I do hope those antibiotics help you kick that bug!!


Sound to me like she was listening. Wonderful poem Tink!

Feel better soon. BIG HUGS


Love your Scribbles! And, yup, my computer does some of that, too. They do have minds of their own.


Hi Tink,
Delicous post. You even write and create art beautifully when you're feeling under the water. (no pun intended- because I'm being a nice gel ;)...
Seriously, I love your description and depiction of your muse.
Even thought the FW feels like a wash to you, you're still creating and spreading positive energy (not the germs ;) to yourself and others. It seems like you're finding the effects of reading the book and doing the exercises still hold for those times when you can't undertake the exact course of action delineated in a chapter? I'm not sure you feel that way, but what comes across in your posts is that you're still finding balance, persevering, paying attention to your inner muse. I'm smiling at this gorgeous muse you created! :)


ooops, I posted too soon.
Sweetie, I hope those germs are banished soon and you feel better!


Wow! I thought that was really beautiful!


I like the poem. Thinking post!


I love you image of the muse. Why I wonder does she seem to be so fickle!


I love what you wrote...and my 'muse' often visits in the wee hours of night...but mostly in my dreams. If she just wasn't so elusive...

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