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March 06, 2007



Oh she is such a doll. Looks like she is beginning to feel at home.


tink, me thinks she needs a mate :) * she is a cutie xo


She coped with your photoshoot very well - I hope you let her have a bit of a break afterwards...

She's very magical.


I love her! She's such a sweet looking little monster, a great creation. Things like this make we want to drop everything and learn to sew!


Harriet is CUTE!!!!
I can tell she loves it at your house...already playing and making friends.


Harriet is adorable! And she seems to be fitting right in with everyone. I especially like her tooth!


awwww, she is so CUTE! thanks for the introductions, it's nice to meet your family.


Awwww... Harriet is so cute!!!!!

I love the pic of her climbing a tree!!! I'm sure the grandgirls will love joining her. :o)


She is too cute!


As you say, she is a bit of a tom boy, but thats ok. She is a cutie LOL

Take care


how can you not love a face like that?.lol.. :)just precious.
PEace, Kai.


She looks like she's having a ball at your house! She sure is a cutie!

Did I leave a comment saying I wanted in on your drawing? hmmmm I can't remember if I have to say it. If I do..I'm saying it now. lol I need to go put mine up!

Lisa Oceandreamer

oooh she's so cute...and she's really quite photogenic! I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Surely cute critters like that are the very reason the word SQUEEEE! was invented.

Paris Parfait

She is precious! Those photos are so cute - made me smile. Glad the new Harriet is adapting well to her environment. (And if I don't already ask, please add my name to your drawing). xo


oh goodie! I'm so glad Harriet made the journey safely. And it looks like you are having a lot of fun with her. Great pics! and she is getting way more attention over here then she ever got at my place.

GeL (Emerald Eyes)

Harriet is adorable!She traveled to a loving mommy. :)

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