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March 04, 2007



Book-fishing and acrocats...

I'm not sure if it is spring fever you have, but whatever it is, I hope I catch it too.


love the kitty picture and love your sense of humor, tinker. you're doing great. xoxoxo


I love the messages of peace ...perfect!! and the kitty is devine!
Peace, Kai. :)


That picture just proves that I should live in California. That is all I have to say!


LOL You are my spring smile :) Too cute and funny! HUGS


You are right Tinker...never stand yourself up for an Art Date.....LOL
The flowers are gorgeous...that's another dose of reality.
PS Thanks for kind comment to me on my blog

pam aries

Poppies! Poppies!..Sleepy ....I'm gettttinggg.....sleeepy....there are lots of flowers blooming here too. I walked around downtown on the beautiful sidestreets this morning. I need to do this more often ! Sometimes I forget just what a lovely place I live in!

Lisa Oceandreamer

oh Spring Fever is definitely happening my friend...it's here too!
What a beautiful and oh so balanced cat!
I am so glad you didn't stand yourself up, no one likes to be left in the lurch.


Hi, Tink. Sound like all is well. Love the photo of the cat...glad it wasn't harmed! :>)

becoming amethyst

Hey ~ I wonder if an unspoken side effect of the 'Finding Water' project is neglected laundry ~ because I'm experiencing the same thing :-) Good luck with week three!

P.S. That's a beautiful garden you've got there...


Sounds like you've been having a wonderful time to me!

And your cats eyes glow wonderfully!

Paris Parfait

Sounds like spring fever to me! Lovely photos, Terri! xo

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