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March 05, 2007


Paris Parfait

That is a dark tale, but very well told! Excellent take on the prompt and what a fabulous, spooky photo! xo


Ohh, great story! Does seem that full moon had you thinking spooky, dark things!

Lisa Oceandreamer

Wow I had no idea where this was going. It read like an old Twilight Zone episode, I could see the old sign being uncovered and a collective gasp from the viewers. Well done my writer friend, well done.


Are you related to Steven King? OMG let me outta here. Where's the door.....oh no, there's no doorknob!


WOW! That was a good, dark tale. You paint a full picture with your words. I had no idea where it was going until the very last and I loved it.


Superstitions are sometimes remnants as you suggest... though whether of something as "obviously" bad for you or not depends... I've a great book on them... if only I could get to it... but the wall of furniture moved whilst the builders are _still_ active here means it will have to wait... its bad luck to walk over stacked furniture you know.


Oh and I meant to confess I couldn't quite manage a dark tale right now so thank you for the warning... maybe I'll come back again when we haven't just had yet more water through the ceiling...

What is the sign for grin and bear it?




perfectly spooky! x


very engrossing tale, I must say. I enjoyed it.

Daisy Lupin

Oh what a great story, it sort of fits in with all I have been thinking recently, about time accelerating, disasters, warnings from the past about the future, saving the Earth. [Not that I go around being a misery, it just thinks I sometimes think over] A very apt story for this time. Well done Tinker.


Well I came back and braved your dark tale - brr... chilling indeed.

Well written!


I enjoyed your dark well told tale Tink :)


Fantastic picture!!! Fascinating story.
Have you ever read Stephen Vincent Benet's story "By the Waters of Babylon"? It is a cautionary tale of the same genre as yours. It was always one I loved to teach, so it is definitely a compliment that yours reminds me a bit of his.


it was a dark and scary night.. that was awesome tinker.. :)
PEace, Kai.

Laura Bjerk

Your picture of the moon...I literally just posted one very similar. Isn't that amazing?!

I am part of the Finding Water group, too, Good luck with the rest of Week 3!


THAT WAS AN AWESOME STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!

You need to publish these things!!!! That is amazing!!!!

And sadly enough, might come to pass one day. :o(


Amazing little story - thank you for writing it.
When it comes to sleep I am just like you - if I don't go the second I'm sleepy then I won't sleep at all.
Your template is interesting.
Take care,



Cool! Did you know that there was something of a controversy recently about trying to come up with symbols for nuclear waste facilities that would still put people off 10,000 years from now?

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