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April 07, 2007



OOOOh I won't be wearing a frock either...Enjoy a wonderful Easter
Some bunny loves you!!!

Paris Parfait

I remember those Easter dresses and the scratchy, stiff tulle underskirts - and little gloves and handbags and hats and shoes to match. Seems like a lifetime ago now; no more Easter frocks. Lovely post, Terri. Happy Easter to you and your family. Have fun with the grandgirls! xo


Ohhh how beautiful!!!! :)
I hope that you have a wonderful Easter! :)


A multi-coloured Happy Easter right back at you, Tinker!

I love the giraffe - or is it a long-necked rabbit?


Oh I've never had an Easter Frock so I'm glad to hear they weren't comfortable! But they certainly do look pretty...

The giraffe is funny it appears to be wearing a bunny...

Have a wonderful weekend Tinker!


I used to be dressed up in an easter outfit by mum..
now I steer clear of raffita..lol..It's itchy!!
Peace, Kai


With the snow coming down, we debated wearing new duds for Easter, but we will! Surely it will be warmer tomorrow??

Happy Easter, Tink!


have fun hunting for easter eggs. aren't you so glad that jeans were invented? however did we cope without them?

tammy vitale

I was just thinking this morning about Daughter's favorite dress, an Easter outfit with petticoat and lace gloves that I got in West Virginia at a tiny store and brought home - on the back of a motorcycle. She kept that dress for *years*. And yesterday I was thinking about new dress up clothes - and wondering if folks still do that.

In other words - your post is on point today, Tinker. Thank you!


I hope you had a very happy Easter. I remember those days of fancy dresses, new sandals..and bonnets! I had fun dressing my daughter this year - except she didn't want a bonnet!

pam aries

OH Lawd..those scratchy crinolines! I remember those well!and Shiny new Mary Janes! One year I got white ones! Wheeee!


Have you read any of Tony Parsons"

The Open Secret
As it is
As It Is: The Open Secret of Spiritual Awakening

I've read the first two and seen him talk.

He definitely doesn't go the materialistic route...


Sorry Tinker - that comment was meant for Tammy Vitale's blog and I didn't manage t get it all to go there - something off at this end... !

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