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April 12, 2007



Holy cats! What a place! And it looks like it was quit a journey in getting to your destination. Or maybe...the destination is the journey? :)


Whew. I'm plum worn out now. That was fun. Love the pics. :)


great pics!! and how funny that you found water after all that! thanks for taking us along!

Lisa Oceandreamer

This was clever as always..and what a beautiful place. I'm a little winded but it was worth it. Lol!
Love and light,


What a gorgeous place. What fun...a great place to take photos, too...


That was great, to share your walk in pictures :) What a gorgeous place!


Wonderfully fun way to the water - I hope it wasn't really too far up all those steps - maybe it was just all that anticipation that made you breathless!


How lovely! I would go there to think. A thinking spot. Great photo!

wish studio

thanks for your support and well-wishes! i appreciate you stopping by. let's stay connected :) mindy


Cool...you got your art date and your walk (hike) at the same time....love it when that happens! This was a real good one!!!


I wish I could have found water with you! What a lovely adventure.


Beautiful! (Although those palm trees are a bit much. I didn't know they came so tall!)

I'm exhausted after all that, though.


what a delightful trip - we all found water didn't we?

thanks for guiding us

xox - eb.


I really enjoyed that little outing. Makes me feel like getting outdoors today, now that I've shaken off my headcold, and the sun is shining. Now... where can I find water around here? Oh... that's right. Everywhere!

pam aries

pabt pant! Whew, i am outta shape! What a fun walk, though! I love to see where other people live! The fountain is beautiful!


Beautiful, Tink. This reminds me of Cheekwood in Nashville. What a wonderful artist's date!

jessie lavon /purple cucumbers

hi darling,just passing threw,enjoyed your blog.come on over for a visit

Paris Parfait

Very clever post - and beautiful photos! xo

Paris Parfait

Very clever post - and beautiful photos! xo


you sound like me - sometimes when I walk up steps like that, I hold my breath and forget to breath - duh.
did ya paddle your feet in the fountain?

tammy vitale

gorgeous photos! - what a place to have to go hang around the grounds at!... I want a pergola. They can't be that hard to make (Husband doesn't agree).

GeL (Emerald Eyes)

Glad you enjoyed this ad so much. Gorgeous photos!

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