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April 06, 2007



Lovely to do your marketing with you!

We've just come home with strawberries too... so its lucky you are full!


I love strawberries! I love to wander through markets like this - thankyou xo


Beautiful photos... my favorite place to shop for produce is in Farmers Markets like that. Yum!

tammy vitale

mmmmmmm. Food. Beautiful, lucious, fresh market food. Is there anything better? I'm jealous.

Paris Parfait

Peter Rabbit's carrots are looking scrumptious! xo

Daisy Lupin

What a beautiful farmer's market, all that colourful juicy produce lying there in adundance. The strawberries would have been my favourite too.

Lisa Oceandreamer

ooh I love strawberries and am anxious to get to the coast in an area where they sell organic ones. I wish I knew how to make jam. That looks like a fabulous market, thank you for taking us along so we could pick and choose from its splendor!!

pam aries

Our Farmer's market starts back up tomorrow! We also have one on Tuesday evenings right here in Mt. Pleasant! ...I think Peter Rabbit is drooling and twitching right now!


Oh yeah, I'd choose those over a carrot ANY day!!! lol


I'm afraid I'd have to go with Peter and take the carrots. I LOVE carrots. I only LIKE strawberries!

Your pics were mouthwatering wunnerful!


wow, those look yummie.. I adore juilline Carrots and Strawberries n cream..
spring is so bountiful!!
Peace, Kai. xx


Great pictures. Have you been watching Miss Potter?


Imelda - I saw Miss Potter for my birthday, back in January - though I'd love to see it again!


I paid a visit to my town's market the other day. It was not nearly so nice to look at, and there were no stalls overflowing with strawberries.

Alison Whittington

How is it that photos of fresh veggies and farmer's markets make me so HUNGRY but when I go to the fridge, I usually pick cheese instead?

Nice photographs.

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