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April 17, 2007


GeL (Emerald Eyes)

Hi Tink,
Those are two wonderful quotes I've read often, but seeing them in these wee hours of the early early morn when sleep is elusive, brings me some needed comfort.
Thank you (and looking 4ward 2 seeing the art you create)


Very wise words indeed.

Here in the UK I've not been listening to the news much but even so it has leaked into my consciousness... dark days indeed...

Paris Parfait

Amen, my friend. Beautiful sentiments and photo. xo


I'm at a loss for words, too. We all need a little bright ray of sunshine and you have provided it with these two quotes plus I think I could sit and look at that photo for a long time....it's so peaceful and calming.

Lisa Oceandreamer

Well chosen sentiments.I find my normally very verbal world at a loss for words in the past couple of days. Emotions run the gamut. I love this photo - it's immediately evokes a feeling of calmness, peace and quiet.
Love and light,

Lisa Oceandreamer

p.s. I liked the photo so much I made it my computer background just now. I hope you don't mind.


ahh, what lovely quotes. thank you for sharing them. (((hugs)))


I am trying to get to the peace, the love, and the light and right now am stymied. I hope to get there. Thanks, tinker


Thanks for your support, Tinker, in this difficult time. Blessings, Olivia


keeping the faith...
Thank you Tinker.


Love & hugs back at you! XXOO

Moving post!


Wooo How pretty and peaceful. Looks like a wonderful place to sit, drink tea and think.
Thanks for sharing!


always dark before the light heals blindness..
PEace, Kai.


Your photo of that lovely pond reminds me of the pond at the UC Davis Arboretum. A place within walking distance of our house...a place I go to find what you were seeking here...solace.

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