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April 04, 2007



Oh, so THAT's what a wisteria is. It looks like quite a pretty thing to have growing in your lane.

Glad to hear that Harriet now has more love than she probably knows what to do with.


You watch Lost? I'm a Lost fanatic!! We could talk for hours about the show if you allow me to!! LOL. You can always watch episodes for free on ABC.com.
Yes, spring is here...we're experiencing lot's of April showers in NJ.

tammy vitale

oh, here, let me feel bad that you have too many FRESH GARDEN TOMATOES.

And, btw, you're tagged over at my blog today (4/5)


thanks for all the kudos!


Your softie is a sweetie - glad she's been recognised!

If you need somewhere else to do some gardening hop on a plane and come over and stay - we've got a lot to be getting on with and I'm dragging my feet about even getting started...

pam aries

SprInG Fever..sPrInG Fever...YOU GOT SPRING FEVER! ..the Best Fever to have! ! Hahaha! you will really laugh, cause you thought it was Tuesday, but it was Wednesday... then I got all flustered..cuse I was ..like ..Wwednesday? Then I remembered ..THIS day..TODAY is THURSDAY! DOH!!!! See why I love you!!??


LOL - Pam, since I posted it so late, maybe I should have titled this - "Tuesday's This and That Written on Wednesday to Be Read on Thursday." Of course, someone might read it on Friday then, which would really confuse the heck out of them.

pam aries

Har har! ...Somehow I understand it all, though! WHoa! I am calling comcast tomorrow to see if I can get this email thing straightened out!


when I plant vegetables, I overplant too - and end up feeding the whole village of Woodford! zucchini this and zucchini that - but isn't it so soul satisfying to pick your own vegetables -fresh, no chemicals - what more could we want?

Paris Parfait

Ah, a tangle of tomatoes and zucchini - sounds like a plan! The wisteria is lovely. And hey, I'm reading this on Friday - but I'm not confused. :) Happy Easter! xo

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