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April 22, 2007



Ohhh how BEAUTIFUL! I love trees! Looks wonderful!


What a great way to describe your relationship to your own environment!

And I'm sure that tree does appreciate your visits too.


Happy Earth Day Tinker.
That tree is beautiful. It is wonderful to be rooted in a place you love. I think it loves you too!
Thanks you for sharing it with us!

Regina Clare Jane

This was a wonderful post! I would love that tree, too! It's very expressive and seems to invite you in!
I prefer my roots settled, please, like you.

Crafty Green Poet

Excellent post, I can relate to your feelings about living in one place for a long time enables you to really understand that place and that being liberating.

Lisa Oceandreamer

I really enjoyed this post.
Our poor orange tree, with it's peeling bark and limited growth of leaves now...would ordinarily be destined for a heap of its cut memories. Instead, I have left it rooted where it's been who knows how long and it seems rather happy to lend itself to birds. It stands there still rooted after heavy winds and the heat of summer or the frost of winter. It has withstood all manner of things, including a wayward car that backed in to it, so why uproot it now?
There is something to be said for staying put. (although I wouldn't mind replanting myself closer to the ocean - heehee)


That is a gorgeous tree, and so sad that people feel the need to put rubbish in it. Glad you've found the place where your roots can be healthy and you can continue to grow.

Paris Parfait

Wonderful piece, Terri! And what a wonderful tree. Pity about people using it for litter. I am constantly astounded by people's careless disregard for the environment and throwing trash on the ground, out car windows, etc. xo


What a SUPER post. I love the tree, but your wordsa bout being planted in one place really made me smile and nod...This is what I want, too. Now that I can choose. I want to be brave enough to push my fear aside, and plant my roots. I have been in this town for two years now, and it looks like my husbands job will be here for as long as we can see...And I like it. I am starting to feel like I know it, like you talked about here. I want to know it better. Soon we will buy a house here, and then I look forward to truely letting myself relax...

Hope you are well! I have been a bad blogger lately. ;)



What an amazing, yawning Pepper tree! I read your post and realized why I've been so unhappy this week. I'm pulling up my roots and re-planting. ;) Wonderful post Tink! XXOO


I loved this post! It made me miss home, that place where I know all of the little secrets and off-the-beaten-path places. Really wonderful writing...


Lovely words, great photos.
I enjoyed your post.


"Rooted" IS perfect for Earth Day, tinker. What a beautiful post. Thank you for your inspiration and your support. You're wonderful :)


Loved those pictures of peeper tree. We are connected to our environment. Sometimes we cannot even fathom how.


This was so lovely to read. There is a similar tree on top of a mountain near my home. I love trees like this (ours is not a pepper tree) they are definitely enchanting. There is a big part of me that is much like you in the way that I like where I am. Thanks for sharing your story.


Well this little birdy always likes to roost here a while.

"until we get that whole 'space travel thing' perfected, in a way we're all rooted here on this little planet."

Ah, you've been looking over my shoulder. :-o


Tinker I adore the Pepper tree, (named after my daughter…haha although it’s much older,) and the fact that you cared for the tree with such adoration by removing the trash. There are many beautiful metaphors here. Being rooted is important to me too. I’ve always lived in homes for many years, and have an affinity to my city! Wonderful post for earth day!

Peace Giggles


Tinker, that is one cool tree. I'm so glad to know there are people in this world like you that will visit a tree. I love this Sunday Scribbling topic and you wrote so beautifully about it.


Absolutely wonderful words, as usual! And I love the tree. It must be a very old pepper tree, to have such a big trunk. Yes, I see the face,even before you described it I thought of it yawning. Here, pepper trees are very invasive and people cut them down a lot. Don't even need a permit for cutting a pepper tree. They do destroy the native vegetation, not being native to FL. But I love them and hate to see one cut. If people would just prune them, it could work. They grow like wildfire and require constant care if you keep it.


Lovely post. Reading about you picking litter out of that tree's knothole made me think that that might be a perfect spot to leave some guerrilla poetry...to leave some pretty words instead of litter. ;) I need to study trees, because I don't know the names of most of them. Last weekend, walking by the creek, I nearly gasped when I saw some trees in bloom...they were so gorgeous! I have no idea what kind of trees they are, but as kids we used to call them "bottle brush"...because that's what their hot pink flowers look like.

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