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April 09, 2007


Daisy Lupin

How lovely, looking for chocolate eggs. By the way check my blog you have won one of the Thinking Blogger Awards![Don't get excited its just a sidebar badge you can use]

Lisa Oceandreamer

It sounds like you truly enjoyed your Easter and so, it looks, did the hunters. Sounds so peaceful to sit on the bench and have those quiet and magic moments.
Mine was quiet and reflective. G made a nice dinner and gave me an Easter Lily.
Hoping you are having a blessed beginning to your week.


Wow Tink. Your sister's garden is heavenly. I would have sat on that bench for hours. And I also would have watched and watched the geese...never mind the camera. Sometimes it's all you can do to just capture one of nature's wonderful sights in your mind.


Looks truly idyllic!

Lucky yoU!

Paris Parfait

Such a lovely post - the photographs, your description of moments of your day - blissful! xo


Would you believe I've eaten so many "eggs," I'm actually SICK of chocolate. Don't worry though. I'm sure I'll recover by tomorrow...Loved reading about your happy weekend.


we still have snow, but I have hope for spring after seeing your Blog Tinker! Thanks for sharing, Peace, Kai.


My weekend? Let's just say that all my troubles seemed so far away. (Now it looks as though they're here to stay.)

Whoa! The view from your sisters garden is amazing!

tammy vitale

Grandson was with his dad (but we get Christmas), so we just adult folks for Easter. Though none of them turned down the small baskets I made for them. Then we ate too much. The weather here in So. Md. is COLD - much too for this time of year. And after last Monday was 80 degrees. I'd be happy if it would just moderate a wee bit (snow on Friday - 4 inches)

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