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April 10, 2007


Lisa Oceandreamer

This is incredibly well deserved - you make me think, laugh, ponder and want to be a better writer. Not to mention your loving heart. So bask in this, it's good for the ego!!
Remember, you are also a Bright Light!!
Love Lisa's art doll, what a treasure as is the nest arrangement.


You really are a lucky Tinker! What gorgeous works of art you have won!

And I'm so glad you got a Tinking award - who else deserves one more...

Thank you for my share in the passing on of the award too - I may have to think what to do with it...

I can feel it suggesting some break the rules sort of things right now... hmm...

tammy vitale

Oh - what a gorgeous Spirit Doll - I have 4 heads ready to go for Shadow Wymyn, which are a form of Spirit Doll - I'm really being drawn to them. They have such lovely energy.

Thank you so much for the Thinking Blogger tag. I'm honored! I don't think I'm going to get to it until Friday - but I will. And you're right: choosing 5 is so hard! There are so many really great blogs out there! So in addition to writing it, I'll have to ponder a bit.
Which I guess goes with the Thinking part of Thinking Blogger. =]

pam aries

Great mail! Doncha love mail now! What cool things you got! Congrats on the AWARD! You make me think all the time! Now,,,I wonder if there's a "Can't Think At All" award ? That would be me ! hee hee hoo..


I've had some fun now Tinker - I hope you don't mind!


Such beautiful gifts! Congrats on your nomination! Your blog is inspiring and thought provoking.. and I'm happy to have found it.


Love the spirit doll from Lisa. She does such amazing things.
Your mailbox was overflowing with goodies, and you certainly deserve the award from Daisy. I love your blog and always come away from here with a smile.


I love this wonderful web of creativity and art you have drawn around you, and introduce me to. You make me think in the nicest possible way - not posing difficult conundrums, but opening up ideas I WANT to think about. Well-deserved award for a great blog.


Ohhh how lovely! :)


What lovely gifts--both the ones you received and the ones you gave! Thank you so much for honoring me with a blog award! It also gives me incentive to post, which I've been negligent about lately.
And can I also tell you that you don't just make me think, you make me feel and see, too!


No, it isn't Tuesday, it's Wednesday. But then, yesterday was Tuesday and I wasn't here on Tuesday, and I think Tuesday is when you wrote this, so if I am here on Wednesday, I guess I am a day late. Sigh...story of my life, a day late, a dollar short. Tomorrow is TGIF, um, isn't it?? LOVE Lisa's spirit doll!


You have been a busy bunny while I was away. ;) You always make me smile with every post.
Much Love


I often get the days mixed up too...and the date.
Sometimes I think many brain cells left my body with my children when they were born.



I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see "her" at your mailbox...and beside that beautiful gift from Becca. They look like they were made to go together. :) I am very happy she is with you. I wouldn't have let her go for just anyone, ya know. Thanks for all the sweet things you said.

Congrats on the award. You definitely deserve it. You always have me thinking and often have me ready to pee my pants laughing!!


I had to laugh to myself about you being confused about the days - then you come to my blog and I am a day ahead of you - except for the other day when I put the date round the wrong way and ended up posting in October 2007.
don't worry Tinker - I am as confused as you are..let's just wing it and let people think we are 'normal' (whatever the hell that is)

Paris Parfait

A very-well deserved recognition, Terri! And what yummy prizes you won. I sent you email, but the photo for the grandgirls is up now. Trying to resist those cookies until our current guests (who arrived today) depart. Yes, we're being greedy! :) xo


thankyou so much for nominating me for thinking..(my teachers would be proud..lol)
I have actually given myself until monday to sort out exactly whom I'd like to pass this on to. I just cant decide so I decided to think about it.. :)
Peace and thankies, hugs Kai.

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