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April 18, 2007



There was a big duck pond in my hometown and I used to love to go there to think and watch the ducks. It always seemed peaceful, and you're right, it's hard to be sad around a duck!
Enjoy your bubble bath and your hard cider.


This was so refreshing to read. And you're right - ducks do make me feel like everything is all "ducky" in spite of what's been going on in the world.
Hope you enjoyed your bath. I just finished watching Lost.. such a good episode. Next week is supposed to be better!

Lisa Oceandreamer

This looks like the greatest park - very lovely and serene, I can see why you'd go there for some mental peace.
I hope you enjoyed the bubble bath and hard cider. Sounds like a nice way to end the evening.


Lor'! Love a Duck!

Sounds like that bath will be well deserved.


Ducks sort of make me happy, but sometimes they look kind of cold and wet and lonely, and that doesn't help so much.


ducks are comical, they always make me smile, so Im smiling today. thankyou for that Ms tinker!!
I watched LOST last night.. it's getting good,teehee.. what do you think is going to happen?
Peace, Kai

Paris Parfait

Hello, Ducky! (as the British would say). Cute post. Lots of ducks live across the street in the Bois du Boulogne and around the corner in the Edmond de Rothschild Park, so we're a bit spoiled around here. And these ducks will settle for stale baguettes! :) xo


What! You don't have a rubber Ducky? They love bubbles too! Gonna send you one my friend!


Quack! I jus' got here from Pam's party! I SAW you with that lampshade on your head doing the duckwalk on the table!


well I guess you did find water - in the pond!
had to laugh about the vision of the stick in your hair - like some wild woman !
hope you enjoyed the bath xo


Ohhh how LOVELY! What an amazing place!


I really enjoyed these pictures Tink. I love duckies and yet I managed to marry a duck hunter :(

No man can be perfect ;)


Quack, quack - oh, that's just me quacking with delight!


love this duck date - I have just begun Finding Water - thanks to all of you inspiring me to do so - I love Julia and have dipped in and out of her books for years - anyway - loved this date - and the ducks

xox - eb.


There are ducks aplenty at the pond (and the creek that feeds it) I mentioned in the previous post. But I just noticed last weekend that they have new "Don't Feed the Ducks" signs...which is going to break Ciara's heart...since it's her favorite thing to do when she visits. (The signs say it leads to overpopulation...and draws rats. And I'm all for anything that repels rats!) ;)

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