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April 30, 2007



You, my dear, are a brilliant story teller! I connected to this story and am clapping my hands in delight. You made my day :) XXOO


I love this, the way you mix up reality with your paintbrush, and create nifty metaphors for your character.



Wonderful I love your painting!
I also love the butterfly bench. Great job! Wonderful post!


aloha tink,
I love the robin on the characters head.lol..
and that butterfly seat is divine!!
Peace, Kai.

Lisa Oceandreamer

Accept for the offspring part I felt like somehow you were looking in to my head. Another one of your fabulous stories and amazing illo to go with it!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that butterfly bench!!


What beautiful writing, tinker. You truly have a gift, Olivia

Crafty Green Poet

This is an excellent metaphorical story and the painting is wonderful!

pam aries

Hello Darling! What a wonderful story! I love the collage . You are such a writer! I love your stories!


Tinker this is a Beautiful story about Thalia and about us...learning to fly !
Love it!!!

tammy vitale

oh - what a lovely story. It's so wonderful you made my life into a butterfly (on many levels!) when I read it!
Isn't it funny how time enough cycles? I felt rushed this morning but found a small space where I can come visit - to the places that make me smile and set my day on its right path.
As always - thank you!


Tinker I love this! And that butterfly seat is gorgeous!


What a beautiful blog. Thanks for coming over and visiting mine. I love the photos.


Wow. This is awesome..everything about it. I haven't been getting around much, either or I've been doing that link thing where you end up blogs and blogs away in new unexplored places. Whew. It's good to be home. :)


Oh, Tinker, I LOVE THIS STORY!!! "Her train of thought grew so long, that it flowed out her ears, down to her feet - then wound back up around her, spinning her round and round, till at last her routine and her thoughts wrapped all around her, nearly sealing her off from the world around her." "...the cocoon of thoughts and routines she'd spun around her, she'd forgotten how big the world was." I feel just like Thalia lately...sometimes the fluttering (and desire to break out) is nearly overwhelming.

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