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May 26, 2007



Looks like you had a brilliant time! I've never been to New Mexico and now I'm thinking it looks interesting!


Makes my eyes water Tink!


wowee! what a great trip!! makes me want to go to albuquerque too!


So great that you made the trip to her graduation...very special. Hey my cousin Donny lives in Albq. and works in Old town as a silversmith...he has long red hair. Who knows maybe you saw him there.


Oh, it looks really cool there! Have fun! Be safe!



oh how wonderful for all of you - I love NM - many sweet memories from traveling with my parents as a child - warm, dry and so interesting - and I'm sure that it was extra special for that extra special niece -

xox - eb.

pam aries

Ohh. Tink! I am so glad you made this trip! THank you for sharing all the cool pictures and fun adventures!


I like your feathered friend!

And congrats to your niece.

tammy vitale

hey - I flew through albuquerque on the way home from Washington state (Tuesday) - were we there at the same time?!

I didn't get out, just the airport, but it was my first landing in New Mexico which is on my list of places to go see.

Love the peppers and the statue you're next to!

Paris Parfait

Congrats to the graduate! Great photos. Looks like you had lots of fun - did you not go to Santa Fe though? Sorry, I'm just a little homesick, even though I lived there only a year and telecommuted to my office in San Fran. Just now catching up w/ posts as we have guests from London here. xo


Looks like such fun and how graet that you could be there.


This is really fun for me to see your Albuquerque pictures - I must get into town more and post my own photos more often. You've inspired me - to be a tourist where I live. Congrats to the graduate! You must be an awesome Aunt!

tongue in cheek

Congratulations Graduate!
I lived in Pecos by Santa Fe for three years reading your post and seeing these photos brough back sweet memories.

I am glad you were there to welcome her once again on her new journey ahead.

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