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May 11, 2007



so much water! love it.

great post, darlin'. definitely take your time as you finish up the book. it is all about the process. (((much love to you)))


You know that I adore water..this is a lovely post tink..
PEace, KAi


Exactly the process of getting there...enjoying the scenery,friendships and little insights along the way....rather than the actual destination.


Nice photos -- and I love that the doggy keeps coming over to take you for your walks!!


That's all very well Tinker, but did you actually find any water?

Oh wait, I think I can just about see some in that photo...


Enjoy the rest of the journey - at your own pace. I enjoyed wandering among the fountains and pools here. Thank you.


A truly beautiful post! I love the pics of the different water features. It was a nice dose of calm. You're awesome.


"...it may not be as much about arriving at the destination, as it is about having fun with your travelling companions and enjoying the scenery along the way." Amen to that. Great photos! Happy Mother's Day, Tinker!

Paris Parfait

These water photos are fabulous! Sounds like you've enjoyed the journey. xo

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